Two Person Teeth Whitening Treatment

Have you ever thought about both you and your partner, friend or family member enjoy one hour instant results teeth whitening treatment, at the same time?

We offer the best dental laser technology for both of you to have ONE HOUR TREATMENT, INSTANT RESULTS teeth whitening treatment at the same time!

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Local places can charge £600+ for both of you. HOWEVER, Our treatment can be enjoyed from home for only £198 for both of you** Limited Time Offer ** You get to SAVE UP TO 80% OFF!

Here at Star Whitening two person teeth whitening treatment can be made easy as we provide 2 laser machines and chairs at the same time. We will even come to your home for you to enjoy the treatment together.

All we require is a space in the dining room, lounge, conservatory or kitchen area so you can both enjoy our one hour instant results teeth whitening treatment together!

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We often find married couples, parents and siblings, brothers and sisters or simply just friends getting great teeth whitening results simultaneously.

Here’s how it works

Our one hour teeth whitening treatment is divided into x3 20 minutes sessions to make up the hour. This is all done at the same time included in the one hour treatment.

We start off one person first and then as soon as they have begun their first 20 minute session we then get the next person started.

This then works all the way through the one hour treatment which saves you time so one person doesn’t have to wait for the next person to finish before they start their one hour.

Check availability by using the booking form below (takes less than 1 min to complete), or call us today on 01702 742 077.

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Simply, fill in the quick booking form below for your one hour professional teeth whitening treatment, we’ll confirm the available times with you.

Yes that’s right our treatment is only £99 to book teeth whitening if we come to you, or even better just £89 if you visit us in Southend on Sea, Essex.

Now is the time to book your teeth whitening appointment and achieve the result you’re looking for.

Our Qualified Whitening Technicians will visit your home, or come to us in Southend on Sea.

✅ Two Person Adult Teeth Whitening Service
One Hour, One Treatment
✅ Instant Results
✅ Mobile Service
✅ Up to 14 Shades Whiter
✅ Hollywood Celebrity Smile
✅ Long Lasting Results

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We provide an excellent teeth whitening service to families and couples all across Essex.

If you require Teeth Whitening in Essex, then Star Whitening Essex provide a top of the range teeth whitening service that will give you a great looking smile.

Our teeth whitening treatment has no monthly obligation, no pain, no risk, and will help you achieve your Hollywood smile.

How does our teeth whitening treatment work?

Your teeth are made up of an inner dentin layer and a harder outer enamel layer which is very susceptible to staining. These layers are made to ensure our teeth are protected from all tough materials that enter your mouth from all the harsh materials that you can take in.

Staining components are found in tea, coffee, cola, carrots, oranges and red wine. However, smoking can also stain the outer layer of the enamel. Read our blog on Professional Teeth Whitening vs Home Kits.

Our treatment consists of one hour with instant results. When you book teeth whitening with us we offer 3 sessions of 20 minutes each where we apply a high quality non-peroxide gel followed by dental laser treatment.

The laser treatment opens up the enamel allowing the whitening gel to soak in and clean these surface stains in the enamel.

For the best long lasting results, we always recommend that our clients do not eat or drink high staining food and drink for 24 hours after treatment as the deep cleaning process continues to work.

Check out our FAQ’s page for more helpful information.

Why choose Star Whitening for your Teeth Whitening treatment in Essex?

Our customer care and satisfaction is top priority. Our qualified teeth whitening technicians are friendly and very trust worthy with all our clients. We use the latest laser teeth whitening treatment.

It is very important that you find the right teeth whitening provider and do the best research before you book teeth whitening.

Watch our video below which explains some more about our teeth whitening benefits.

Our passion is ‘Helping people smile more confidently’. Here’s an overview of our teeth whitening in Essex service.

Our Qualified Whitening Technicians will visit your home, or come to us.
✅ One Hour, One Treatment
✅ ‘Adults Only’ Teeth Whitening Service
✅ Immediate Results
✅ Mobile Service
✅ Up to 14 Shades Whiter
✅ Hollywood Celebrity Smile
✅ Long Lasting Results
✅ Very Affordable
What happens if I don’t look after my teeth?
Not taking action could mean off-coloured teeth as time goes on. Creating your ‘wow’ factor smile will give you a confident, younger more beautiful first impression. We also offer an unrivalled after care service where we want to ensure our clients are fully satisfied with their teeth whitening results. We always request client’s feedback to find out if there is any way we can improve our service moving forwards.
Please watch this video that displays some before and after pictures of our clients who have used our service.

Teeth Whitening Treatment for couples, friends and families in Essex

We offer an amazing service where you can both enjoy teeth whitening treatment at the same time. Everybody’s teeth and life styles are different. This means we always provide follow up sessions to achieve higher whitening results each time. We use a 14 shade whitening assessment guide before and after each treatment.

Areas we cover in Essex

Our qualified mobile teeth whitening technicians will travel all over Essex. These include towns such as Southend on Sea, Shoeburyness, Leigh on Sea, Rochford, Hadleigh, Rayleigh, Canvey Island, Basildon, Laindon, Grays, Chelmsfiord, Brentwood, Billericay, Colchester and Clacton on Sea.

You can read more about the areas we cover here. We also provide a personalised service to our clients in London and Kent, who will regularly visit us as well.

Book teeth whitening to enlighten your smile

Teeth whitening is renowned for achieving a better looking smile quickly and easily without the need for dental treatment. It’s the best way to enlighten your smile.

You can really create that brilliant first impression when out in social gatherings, or engaging in one-to-one meetings.

Star Whitening vs Home Whitening Kits

Below is a table that looks at the benefits of our one hour treatment vs standard home-kits.

Professional teeth whitening vs home kits comparison chart

Make a comparison between our professional teeth whitening service and price and home kits

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