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Helpful information on our teeth whitening training course

There are many benefits you’ll receive when you enrol on the best UK teeth whitening training course. The purpose of the course is to help start your teeth whitening business successfully, and is completely FREE when you buy a Star Whitening Business Package.

The Best UK Teeth Whitening Course Benefits

  • FREE When You Buy a Business Package
  • Expert Training Course Instructors
  • Legislation
  • Hygiene & Safety
  • After Whitening Care
  • What Causes Teeth Staining
  • How Does Whitening Work – Forms, Preparation and Process
  • How White Can Clients Expect
  • Risks & Sensitivities
  • 24/7 Support and Marketing
  • Completion Certificate
  • Listed in our UK Business Directory

We will provide you with all the equipment that you need to start working straight after the course.

The teeth whitening course is designed for you to understand the process involved in teeth whitening as well as build confidence and knowledge for you to start work.

How long is the course?

teeth whitening course

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The teeth whitening course is takes one day to complete. This can be done remotely from the comfort of your own home, or you’re welcome to visit us in Southend on Sea, Essex. We offer the courses with a real trainer not just watching videos.

This way it’s very interactive and you get to ask questions and have them answered immediately by your trainer. It’s a great way of learning.

From the comfort of your own home simply click the link we send you and login where you’ll be able to learn with one of our trainers remotely.

What will you learn on the course?

Here are some of the areas we will be covering in our course material.

  • Preparation
  • Consultation and Consent Form Completion
  • Teeth Whitening Process
  • Suitable Patients
  • Equipment and Applications Kit Training
  • Legal Requirements
  • Pricing and Marketing
  • FAQ’s
  • Location
  • Ongoing Supply
  • Aftercare
  • Course Completion Certificate in non-peroxide teeth whitening

Please note: We will supply all equipment, application kit and training as part of your package.

UK course location

Our teeth whitening course will cover all aspects of how to help people get a whiter smile.

Our main location training centre is in Southend on Sea, Essex SS3. However, just as successfully we do run the course remotely and interactively via Google Classrooms. This means you can be anywhere in the UK and still partner with one of our course trainers to help empower you get started on teeth whitening.

Our teeth whitening training is fully supportive and the courses are in-depth and formulated in such a way that you will be excited to get out on the road and start work.

All our training and support can be offered remotely from the comfort of your own work place.

Supporting your career

Business Course Training

Find out more about our UK training course with a completion certificate

Our goal is that you gain confidence and knowledge to prepare you for your new career. The course is only the first step as the Star Whitening ongoing support is an invaluable help when your meeting new clients.

Safety and customer satisfaction is paramount. There’s also so many variations of teeth as everyone is different, so having a secure helpful resource such as ours will give you confidence when meeting new people.

Excellent addition to your business

If you have a spa, salon, gym or just work from home, the Star Whitening teeth whitening service is a very profitable addition to your existing services.

Safety Tips

This is an area we cover quite extensively on the course. Bright white smiles are now within easy reach of everyone, thanks to the UK booming teeth whitening market.

As well as professionally booked appointments some people choose to buy home kits online to help achieve the smile they are looking for.

The important factor here is you must ensure safety.

Setting up the laser equipment needs to also be done safely.

As well as sanitising all the equipment, it’s important you use the high quality non-peroxide gels we supply and the client understands the safe application process during the treatment. You will also need to check for any redness of gums and ensure the client feels relaxed and comfortable throughout the treatment.

Regular inspection and asking the client for a ‘thumbs up’ to check they’re ok is really important.

At the end of the treatment the client needs to wash their mouth out with water to clear away any remaining gel and debris.

We will go through all the health and safety requirements during the course for you.

Side effects aren’t very common, especially when you use at-home products as directed, but it is possible even they can still happen. You’ll need to fully understand how to keep your clients smile safe during all teeth whitening procedures.

Watch our latest 5 star Google review below from Rolando who went through the Star Whitening training course when we helped him to get started.

You may also find it interesting to have a look at our best practices for starting up a teeth whitening business in your area.

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