Teeth Whitening Business FAQ’s

Teeth Whitening Business FAQ's

Teeth Whitening Business FAQ’s

Welcome to our FAQ’s section where many people have asked questions when interested in setting up a teeth whitening business.

We’ll help you find the answers your looking for.

Star Whitening the UK’s best place to guide you in the right direction to start your own teeth whitening business.

We have many clients ranging from dental surgeries to health and beauty therapists, who are eager to provide a top quality service for their clients and leave them happy and smiling more confidently.

We only offer the latest laser equipment with state-of-the-art dental technology to get help get your clients the results they want to achieve.

Star Whitening are a top UK seller helping business owners start up their teeth whitening business.

We find it quite common for many new clients to ask lots of questions before going ahead and placing an order for the teeth whitening package, so we’ll seek to answer these below to help you on your journey.

Star Whitening also offer training courses to help show you how the treatment must be provided.

FAQ’s – Frequently asked questions

Let’s answer some of your frequently asked questions below, if you reach that point where you’re intrigued to set up your own teeth whitening business.

Are teeth whitening businesses profitable?

A simple answer is YES, teeth whitening businesses can be very profitable and what’s more there is many people in your area who are interested in improving their smile. We offer a FREE traffic review to see how many searches are being made on a monthly basis. Please ask for these figures from our Business Support when you place your enquiry with us!

We also have a whole section dedicated to this area for you, where you’ll be able to read more on how profitable teeth whitening businesses can be.

How much does it cost to start a teeth whitening business?

It is very cost-effective to set up a teeth whitening business when you measure it against the returns that you can get back. The return on investment (ROI) is very high. To set up a teeth whitening business in the UK the price is around £1500.

When you look at receiving 20 whitening gels as part of the start-up package this equates to 20+ customers. If you sell each treatment at £99 each, then you only need to provide 15 treatments to get your money back for getting started.

This is outstanding value and now the goal target becomes how long will it take to see 15 customers to recover the set-up fees?

Is teeth whitening a good business?

This will depend on your attitude to customer service. If you take your teeth whitening business seriously and really want happy customers, then yes teeth whitening is a good business.

Ensuring you provide a professional, clean and sanitised environment is a MUST.


100% Customer Satisfaction

We know the technology works and have proof of this, but how you offer the treatment will depend on whether your business is a roaring success, or whether clients will be un-happy afterwards.

Star Whitening will only sell start up packages to business owners who are passionate about teeth whitening and conduct their business in a safe and clean environment.

How to start a teeth whitening business?

This is simple, all you have to do is visit our start a teeth whitening business link here and complete the enquiry form.

We will put you in touch with your own Dedicated Business Support Manager, who will be happy to lead you through the process to help you get up and running.

It really is as easy as that!

How to start my own teeth whitening business

As we mentioned and answered in the previous question simply contact us today, we’ll help answer your questions and you can place your order.

Step 1 – Receive your package with equipment, application kits etc.

Step 2 – Book your course date to help you gain confidence and help understand what you can and can’t do. You’ll then receive your completion certificate.

Step 3 – You’re all ready to start making appointments.

How to market a teeth whitening business?

Best practices to start a teeth whitening business

We’ll help you set up your teeth whitening business

This is the clever part and we do discuss this in more depth on the course. We will help give you some tips in Digital Marketing and discuss what ads are proven to work and the routes to market you will need.

Marketing is such a vast arena, so you will find with our advice that you will save yourself both time and money.

We will set up a web page and listing for your business which is included in your business package. We also offer our Leads Platform and an automated social media platform as well that provides weekly posts on top of your existing work.

These last two have additional small fees, however we can explain this to you as it’s all about the ROI (return on investment).

How to do a teeth whitening business?

This is quite a common question which is all covered off in our online course. It is worth noting that the course can be held remotely from the comfort of your own location.

Many of our clients find this really helpful as opposed to having to come to us in Essex.

If you have any more questions we would love to hear them. Please feel free to contact us today and our Business Support Team will be happy to help.

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