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Teeth Whitening Before and After Gallery

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Welcome to our teeth whitening before and after gallery for the brilliant results we have achieved for our clients.

Our treatments are completely 100% safe with no pain, giving you peace of mind when you have your teeth whitening treatment.

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We always offer to take a before and after picture to demonstrate the fantastic results our teeth whitening treatment provides and will only ever display the teeth only.
These results are after our clients first treatment.

You may find it really helpful to have a look through our smile gallery pictures, listed above.

The reality is everyone’s teeth are different. Some people have enamel more dense and thicker than others, whilst others brush their teeth every day and some more occasionally.

There are so many variables involved, some people get better results than others.

The only way to know if this works for you (as we mentioned above) is to book your teeth whitening appointment today and give it a try. This is the only way you will be able to truly enjoy the quality of the results.

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Taking teeth whitening before and after pictures

It’s always worth taking a before and after picture when carrying out your teeth whitening treatment.

So, why is this? Well simply put, the whiteness of your teeth can be quite deceiving depending on the light you take the photo in.

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Make sure the lighting is right

For example, someone who takes a photo outside can really show how successful the results are. However, when you take a photo indoors sometimes the teeth can still appear slightly off coloured in the after shot.

This is why a before and after picture in the same light is really important and preferably outside, or inside a well-lit room.

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Achieve maximum results

To get the very best before and after results, you would need to seek a professional service like ours that show you how to apply a high quality whitening gel combined with the latest dental laser technology.

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Treatment process

The treatment is for one hour and is made up of x3 20-minute sessions. The high-quality whitening gel must be applied at the beginning of each 20 minute session onto dry teeth to get the best results.

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Next step

To enjoy your first before and after picture, then please enquire with us today and book your first treatment in.

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Teeth Whitening Before and After

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