Star Whitening Reviews

Read the latest Star Whitening Reviews from customers who have experienced the best teeth whitening treatment in the UK.

If you’re thinking about having your teeth whitened and are really in need of a fresher, younger look then have a look at the benefits of our professional teeth whitening service that you’ll receive below.

✅ One Hour, One Treatment
✅ 100% Safe No Pain
✅ Ladies and Gents Teeth Whitening
✅ Instant Results
✅ Up to 14 Shades Whiter
✅ Hollywood Celebrity Smile
✅ Long Lasting Results

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Star Whitening Reviews

‘Would definitely recommend Star Whitening if you want to have your teeth whitened. The treatment is relaxing and you get results after just one hour! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to others’.

Sarah Clark

‘Smile brighter with Star Whitening Mobile Teeth Whitening. One visit and you are all smiles:). 5 star service with a smile. I fully recommend this service’.

Adriana Bianca Bere

‘Matt came round to my house. He’s a really friendly guy and makes you feel relaxed. Most importantly I’m really pleased with my results and would recommend this teeth whitening service to my friends’.

Maddie Smith

‘I now have a new smile thanks to Star Whitening, that has left me feeling much more confident’.

Alice Sympson

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‘Excellent value for money and great teeth whitening results I’m well pleased with – very safe and no pain afterwards’.

Roger Harper

‘Really appreciate the service. It was up to the mark and I can now smile confidently in public. I would highly recommend to others’.

Charles Quarles

‘Super pleased with the no pain and the quality of my teeth whitening results. I would use again if need be’.

Melanie Duncan

‘Very professional when it comes to teeth whitening. I had been through quite a low patch and needed a pick me up. The lockdown meant I didn’t look after myself well and didn’t brush my teeth. I went to Star Whitening and they gave me a boost and motivation to look after my teeth again’.

Stanley Hocking

‘I tried Star whitening as I was referred by a friend and the service was very professional and great! I would recommend to others’.

Star Whitening Reviews

Read our Star Whitening Reviews – The best UK Teeth Whitening

Peter Wallace

‘Thanks Star Whitening! I was nervous at first, but I now have a great smile after just one hour as well- Excellent!!’.

Paul Smith

‘Matt has been passionate about teeth whitening for over 9 years and has helped me get a whiter smile. I would highly recommend ***** star’.

Joel Smith

‘I have appreciated the help and support that Star Whitening have given me to set up my own teeth whitening business’.

Rolando McCoy
Start a Teeth Whitening Business Review

‘Stacy really helped me through the process and made me feel at ease. This teeth whitening really works. I’d tried home kits, but none of them had worked so I needed professional help. Stacy was brilliant and the treatment I found was very successful’.

James Sloan

‘Matt explained the teeth whitening process clearly. I had to complete a health form during my assessment and they took a shade assessment at the beginning and at the end. I was amazed at the difference. Thanks Star Whitening’.

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Elsina Edmund

‘Wonderful experience. Matt was very friendly I am very pleased with my results. I went about 5 shades more white after years of coffee and smoking. I would recommend this place over a dentist. As all dentists will do is give you a tray to take home and do it yourself for hundreds more then star whitening’.

Legacy 999

‘I booked to have my teeth whitened today with Matt , as my teeth had discoloured since the last time I had it done . Matt was very professional and asked me at intervals how it was feeling during the service and was very attentive . I am so pleased with the results that I have booked my boyfriend in for next month’.

Alison Needham

‘Great service, all our staff are loving their teeth! would recommend. Smiling through the summer!’.

Jeff Shepherd Morgan Ellis

‘5 Stars!

New Life_Vanlife UK

‘Great service, friendly staff and I achieved stunning teeth whitening results. I would definitely recommend to my friends and if you’re looking to brighten up your smile then well worth paying them a visit ?????’.

Josiah B

‘My first time visiting today and I was very pleased with the results after 1 session I noticed a change straight away. Very professional and very friendly, made me feel comfortable throughout. I Would highly recommend and will definitely visit again! Thanks so much!??’.

Viki Owens – Essex

‘Excellent service and I am delighted with the result’.

Alan B

‘Great service and results at affordable prices! Would highly recommend!’.

Stacy B

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‘Stunning professional teeth whitening service using the latest laser teeth whitening technology. If you’re looking to brighten up your smile, you’ll be very pleased with the instant results’.

1st Choice Marketing

‘Amazing results!!! for my teeth whitening treatment that I never knew I could get, and the price was amazing compared to my local dentist. It was worth travelling there’.

Tech Garry

‘I was really nervous at first and my local dentist was so expensive. I went to Star Whitening and they whitened my teeth really well. What’s more is it’s 100% safe and I had no side effects at all. They do what they say they can do’.

Ho P

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