Setting up a teeth whitening business

how to set up a teeth whitening business

Setting up a Teeth Whitening Business

Teeth whitening is part of the cosmetic health and beauty industry and cosmetic dentistry under personal hygiene and care.

Find out some interesting information about setting up a teeth whitening business here in the UK.

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‘Claim your stake in this £4 billion pound a year market’.

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Teeth Whitening is an offshoot of the health & wellbeing industry solely about confidence and appearance, that will make sure gums look healthier and teeth shine whiter.

Undergoing Professional Teeth whitening is 100% elective for removing exterior stains, and in some cases may require 2 or 3 visits to achieve the desired look.

It is also worth noting that teeth whitening lasts for approximately three years depending on the person’s lifestyle and individual oral hygiene, so potentially repeat visits for top up’s make a teeth whitening business become in more demand, once the first visits are made.

As we all know repeat clients will help give your teeth whitening business longevity and secure future success.

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How does Teeth Whitening work?

There are many ways to whiten teeth including teeth whitening toothpaste, but in the main bleaching gel and laser whitening (sometimes referred to as power whitening) are the two most effective ways to attain the results you are looking for.

Whitening Gel

• Impressions are taken of the teeth to make a mouthguard
• Instructions on how to use whitening gel will be given
• Client will use the mouth guard and the whitening gel for up to 6 weeks

Laser Teeth Whitening (or power whitening)

• High quality whitening gel to be painted onto your teeth
• A laser is shone onto them to activate the whitening
• Takes approximately one hour

Who can set up this type of business?

As a qualified teeth whitening practitioner, you can then set up this business either as a stand-alone or inside your current dental surgery practice and as long as the service is overseen by the qualified practitioner, then those inside your practice can also work within this business.

Worth understanding that the risk sits with the practitioner.

In the world of face cams and people working remotely from home, there has been a surge in people wanting to look great on camera especially when they smile.

It is now hugely popular to have a great smile as video is taking over in most communications like in social media and online training videos, as well as video-based meetings taking place more regularly.

how to set up a teeth whitening business

Get started with your teeth whitening business today

It is certainly a big part of looking good and showing you take care of your appearance in today’s current trends. The vanity and social aspect make this business even more hugely profitable.

In fact, the personal care sector is currently worth £4 billion pounds a year, and the market is still growing! It is a high demand business and whilst kits are available online it only counts for approximately 3% of sales.

Once you have your products selected then you will quickly see that this is an affordable and viable business option with plenty of opportunities to make your teeth whitening business profitable.

All that aside thinking of your new clients, how rewarding it will be to take someone feeling unconfident about their smile to seeing their confidence soar.

There are so many reasons for clients to start whitening their teeth; a wedding, social gatherings, work opportunities, or just to gain some social confidence if a person has appearance anxiety.

There is now a stigma attached to discolouration of teeth suggesting that oral hygiene is poor so more and more people are looking to correct this.

You are in essence selling self-confidence which in turn brings about happiness and for you as the practitioner and business owner there is nothing more rewarding than happy clients walking out your door.

How to go about setting up this business

Teeth whitening business plan

Let us help you with your teeth whitening business plan

Research lots of products before diving into a brand that is giving you attention so that you buy their products.

You need to be looking for a product that not only performs the results you want for your clients, but also offers you peace of mind by offering proven before and after pictures.

Public votes in confidence are a great indicator to ensure complete confidence in our whitening treatments.

Here are some simple steps for you to follow:

  1. Send you business enquiry, so we can connect and answer your questions.
  2. Decide if you will be mobile, offer a fixed address, or both.
  3. Order your start-up business package
  4. Get booked onto the training course
  5. Start making teeth whitening appointments with your clients.

What support will you get from Star Whitening?

Have you checked out our training course? You can also have a look at our 5 star Google reviews on the business service we offer.

You can build a solid profile with the Star Whitening brand, by doing this you will also build the faith you need to sell your one hour treatments confidently.

Alongside the whitening gel, the laser whitening products and equipment we provide you with you with will be all you need to provide the best UK teeth whitening treatment.

Teeth whitening toothpaste, strips, oil pulling products, home kits, are also offered and associated with good aesthetics.

There is a real sense of popularity growing with the more natural based teeth whitening products that are non-peroxide based, charcoal, Kaolin clay, and apple cider vinegar which is something to keep in mind.

This service is great for a mainstream income, or additional service income. This can also be set up as a mobile service as some clients like to be treated from the comfort of their own home.

Remember it is highly likely that you will need temperature-controlled storage for your product which is something you will need to factor in when budgeting.

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