x2 Mouth Retractors Pack

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  • ✔ x2 Mouth Retractors
  • ✔ Flexible Material
  • ✔ Quality mouth retractors that won’t snap!
  • ✔ Strong one-piece construction
  • ✔ Provides complete view for anterior and posterior teeth
  • ✔ Durable for long lasting use
  • ✔ Plastic retractor that helps give you an unobstructed view of the teeth and oral cavity


The mouth retractors are a flat style cheek retractor to widen the cheeks for orthodontic procedures, and teeth whitening treatments that will ensure the LED or laser light will be able to easily shine onto all of the front teeth. These retractors can be used for professional use, or home kits when applying gels, pens and strips.

Teeth Whitening Mouth Retractors Information

These mouth retractors will help keep your cheeks and soft tissue away from teeth whitening during treatment. They also help keep saliva away so products such as gels and solutions can be applied correctly. Mouth Retractors allow easy access to the mouth cavity and will widen the cheeks.

This product is very popular and will hold the lips back up to 121 degrees away from teeth, so they are a great way to protect your mouth at the same time.

Made out of flexible plastic, they fit into the mouth very well and can be used for treatment on yourself, or patients.

Dimensions 3.7cm by 2.7cm

We also recommend booking a one hour teeth whitening treatment session with us if you wanted to kick start your teeth whitening results.

This item is often sold with our teeth whitening business package.


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