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✅ Perfect Special Occasion Gift
✅ One Hour, One Treatment
✅ 100% Safe No Pain
✅ All Adults Teeth Whitening
✅ Instant Results
✅ Up to 14 Shades Whiter
✅ Hollywood Celebrity Smile
✅ Long Lasting Results

  • ✔ Weddings
  • ✔ Birthdays
  • ✔ Mother’s Day
  • ✔ Father’s Day
  • ✔ Valentines Day
  • ✔ Job Interview
  • ✔ Christmas
  • ✔ Easter
  • ✔ Summer Holiday


Do you want to buy a teeth whitening gift voucher?

Would you like to treat a loved one to the best one hour teeth whitening?

Why not make their day and treat them to the UK’s No.1 teeth whitening treatment?

You could really brighten up someone’s day by helping a loved one achieve a dazzling white smile. Did you know that Star Whitening can offer someone you care about safe, efficient and pain-free teeth whitening?

Here you can buy your teeth whitening gift coupon voucher. Once we receive your order we will email you an e-voucher. Just simply print the email off, or forward to your loved one for them to book their one hour instant results teeth whitening treatment with us.

Simply order your gift voucher here. ** PLEASE NOTE: We only redeem vouchers for customers who want teeth whitening treatment around Southend on Sea Essex. If you live 8 miles or more from Southend, please call us on 01702 742 077 as a small fuel surcharge may apply.**

Why not treat a loved one to enjoy a one hour teeth whitening treatment this year!

Teeth can tend to go darker as we age due to eating coloured foods, or drinking coloured drinks such as blackcurrant juice, red wine, tea and coffee. Smoking will also have adverse effects.

As everyone’s teeth can be different some people have more unevenly coloured or naturally yellower teeth than others.

Fortunately, tooth whitening can vastly lighten the colour of your natural teeth without damaging it. We take a tooth shade assessment at the beginning and end of each one hour treatment to see how many shades whiter we’ve achieved.

What our customers are saying…

‘ I Would definitely recommend Star Whitening if you want to have your teeth whitened. The treatment is relaxing and you get results after just one hour! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to others’.

Sarah Clark

‘Smile brighter with Star Whitening Mobile Teeth Whitening. One visit and you are all smiles:). 5 star service with a smile. I fully recommend this service’.

Adriana Bianca Bere

‘I now have a new smile thanks to Star Whitening, that has left me feeling much more confident’.

Alice Sympson

‘Excellent value for money and great teeth whitening results I’m well pleased with – very safe and no pain afterwards’.

Roger Harper

‘Really appreciate the service. It was up to the mark and I can now smile confidently in public. I would highly recommend to others’.

Charles Quarles

‘Super pleased with the no pain and the quality of my teeth whitening results. I would use again if need be’.

Melanie Duncan

‘Very professional when it comes to teeth whitening. I had been through quite a low patch and needed a pick me up. The lockdown meant I didn’t look after myself well and didn’t brush my teeth. I went to Star Whitening and they gave me a boost and motivation to look after my teeth again’.

Stanley Hocking

‘I tried Star whitening as I was referred by a friend and the service was very professional and great! I would recommend to others’.

Teeth Whitening Voucher for a Special Occasion

Give yourself, or your loved one the gift of a brighter white smile for Valentines day, Christmas, a job interview, a wedding or a good old party. The feedback we have is it really is a lovely surprise and a great way to pamper yourself, or the one you love.

You’ll be surprised how much they will appreciate it. We have customers who book gift coupon vouchers for their friends and family, for a whole wide range of reasons.

It’s a lovely thought when we turn up on their doorstep with our whitening equipment as a surprise, or they could simply redeem this when they visit us. We do also take special requests and are happy to leave a card for the occasion from the team here at Star Whitening.

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Booking Form

When you have purchased your gift voucher please feel free to send them this link to our booking form where they can redeem their voucher when they arrive for their treatment.

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This is a great way to gift a loved one with a special teeth whitening treatment that will boost their confidence and give them a whiter brighter smile!


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