Luxury Teeth Shade Assessment

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✅ Easily Measure Your Teeth Shades
✅ Cosmetic Beauty Mirror Included
✅ Luxury Protection Box
✅ Scores from S40 Up to S2 Being the Whitest
✅ Mirror Protector Included
✅ Easily Compare Tooth Whiteness Before and After
✅ Professional or Personal Use

  • ✔ Compare before & after whitening. High-quality porcelain teeth shade guide. Professional tooth whitening colour palette for comparing before and after teeth whitening treatment.
  • ✔ Determine your tooth shade quickly. Teeth whitening shade guide with quality engraved numbering, easy to read, measure and compare whitening effect.
  • ✔ 20 colours, simple and clear, providing an accurate instant teeth shade.
  • ✔ Professional and stylish aluminium case with a built-in mirror, portable and easily transportable.


Our luxury teeth shade assessment box is a great way to measure the results you can achieve through your teeth whitening treatment. The tool box includes a quality shade assessment and mirror to view how discoloured your teeth really are and how much whiter they have lifted after the treatment. You can view our latest before and after pictures here to give you an idea for what other customers have achieved from our teeth whitening processes.

Luxury Teeth Shade Assessment Box

If you are really serious about teeth whitening then you should have one of our shade assessment boxes.

There is a score chart ranging from S40 being the lowest and most yellow tooth score right up to S2 being the whitest toot score. You can easily then compare where your teeth are currently prior to the treatment how much whiter they have lofted after the treatment.

You also have a mirror included inside the lid to take the scores quickly and efficiently.

The luxury shade assessment box includes a mirror protector and cloth to keep the mirror and teeth assessment clean.

The box measures 22cm in length and 12 cm in width. The tooth shade assessment inside measure 18 cm width. The tooth shade assessment can be used for professional use, or home kits when applying gels, pens and strips.

You can also book a one hour teeth whitening treatment session with us if you wanted to really use teeth whitening treatment that works. Please read our reviews here.

This item is always included with our teeth whitening business package.


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