Home Teeth Whitening Kit

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  • ✔ Home Teeth Whitening Kit to use anytime anywhere
  • ✔ 100% brand new with approved high quality technology
  • ✔ Provides you the latest tooth whitening methodology that can be used in the convenience of your own home. Simple, fast and painless
  • ✔ Latest LED light accelerator technology to yield faster whitening results, so you can smile with maximum confidence!
  • ✔ Single button operation
  • ✔ Whitening gels included
  • ✔ A lovely gift for a special one
  • ✔ Use for 10 minutes per session for 10 treatment sessions each
  • Uses natural ingredients with the latest whitening gel formulas
  • Removes exterior stains due to coffee, red wine, tea, curry etc.
  • #1 Recommended maximum strength to use in our rejuvenating gel and reduce sensitivity
  • Experience a noticeable difference for 2-8 shades whiter teeth after 10 treatment sessions


Here you can buy your home teeth whitening kit that increases the whiteness of your teeth shade. It includes 3 whitening gel syringes, a whitening mouth tray, an an LED light and a tooth whitening shade guide to track the progress from home.

This product is FDA Approved and suitable for sensitive teeth.

Home Teeth Whitening Kit – Star Whitening

The teeth whitening gel included home kit is 35% carbamide peroxide, which is a quality form of peroxide used specifically for whitening. Our gel has the best ingredients to deliver fast whitening results with no sensitivity, or pain.

Experience this 6x more powerful blue LED accelerator light than previous versions that delivers faster whitening results to give you a dazzling your smile.

The light attaches to the mouth tray and then shines directly onto the teeth to mix with the whitening gel and accelerate the whitening process.


Effectively whiten your teeth at home and easily fit around your busy weekly schedules. This system offers a simple 2-step approach.

Firstly, you apply the whitening gel and then apply the LED light which causes a chemical reaction with the gel to remove any unwanted stains.

Please ensure you place your order and hurry while stocks last, this is a very popular teeth whitening home kit and one of our best sellers!!

This method tackles stubborn stains caused by coffee, tea, red wine, smoking, curries and many other high staining products.

This is an ultra-large teeth whitening home kit that includes a whitening mouth piece tray, LED light accelerator, 3 pcs* gel set to enjoy whitening your teeth anytime anywhere, any place.

Our gel whitening formula has been continually improved and optimised to master the latest home kit teeth whitening technology on the market!

It provides the potential for highly effective results for a long lasting white smile.

Please note: Everyone’s teeth are different and results can vary. However, we do suggest you give our teeth whitening home kit a try to see what results you can achieve.

You can also order more teeth whitening gel re-fills here.

We also suggest that you could book a professional one hour teeth whitening treatment as an option to give you the initial boost to help enlighten your teeth.


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