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Have you ever been curious to know exactly what laser teeth whitening is? Well, hopefully after reading through this on laser teeth whitening, you’ll have a better understanding of what it is, and how and why this process is used.

Let’s kick off first with…

What Is Laser Teeth Whitening?

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Thanks to advanced technology over recent years the process of speeding up teeth whitening can be much appreciated. The old-style ways of removing stains and whitening your teeth was to use a hydrogen peroxide solution and soak the teeth in intervals to help create a whiter smile.

However, thanks to laser teeth whitening also known as the white teeth machine, a whiter smile can be achieved faster, so ideally if you want faster results then laser whitening is the best method. What’s pretty cool is that it can also be performed as a mobile service as well.

Instead of using the more traditional methods of a gumshield and whitening gel, a laser can be applied during the treatment process which activates the gel producing quicker results in over half the time.

Star Whitening laser machines use 3 types of laser light which are blue, red and purple compared to some laser treatments that only offer blue.

How can laser teeth whitening help me?

Well, the first thing to point out here is that laser teeth whitening not only helps get rid of those unwanted external stains but can also penetrate the teeth to remove interior stains as well.

The lasers spur the chemical reaction in deep with the whitening gel to help remove both interior and exterior stains.

It’s important to realise here that not everyone’s teeth are the same. Some people have darker interior stained teeth that are not on the surface. Although, the laser will target these areas when the oxygen molecules are released from the whitening gels. This will then break up the stains and dilute them removing any unwanted debris.teeth whitening business package for men

Also, laser teeth whitening treatment can’t help everyone in the same way.

The reason not everyone gets the same results is due to the genetic make-up of the teeth. These (like DNA) can vary from person to person. Some people have dark teeth due to the fact of life-style which includes what you eat, drink and whether you have or still do smoke. Other people may have dark teeth simply due to their genetic makeup.

We do recommend giving it try and book a one hour treatment session as it’s worth seeing how your teeth will respond to the laser treatment first.

Just like people have different eye colour then people can also have different shades of teeth.

Typically, older people say aged 60+ may have quite a discolouration both inside and out that the results may not be as successful as someone who is younger.

We provide a teeth shade assessment at the beginning and end of each laser teeth whitening treatment, so you can see the results for yourself and check whether you are happy.

Some people will jump 5-6 shades whiter after a one-hour session while others may only increase whiteness by 1 or 2 shades. It really does depend on the variable factors taking place.

You will never know until you give it a try, which is why we always recommend to trying laser teeth whitening first and see how you get on.

Watch our video below explain the laser teeth whitening benefits of the treatment.

What do you expect during laser teeth whitening treatment?

After completing the health forms and shade assessment you will get chance to relax back and place on the safety goggles to protect the eyes.

It’s very important that safety goggles are worn throughout the treatment to avoid any irritation or damage to the eyes.

You will also have a mouth retractor inserted into the mouth to lift back the lips, so the teeth are on full display.

Vaseline is then applied to the lips for protection as the laser light can generate some heat, so protecting the lips is a safety measure that should be taken.

There are various types of mouth retractors, some metal and some plastic, but either way what’s important is that all of your front teeth (both lower and upper) are on full display to the laser light.

We also suggest making the teeth as dry as possible before the gel is applied.

The process for during the laser teeth whitening treatment for drying the teeth and applying the gel is then repeated at each 20-minute interval to make up the one hour session time.

The laser machine should also be checked at various intervals to make sure the lights are directed at all main front teeth.

It’s really important that you give your mouth a good swill out with water afterwards to wash away any excess gel that may still be lingering on the teeth.

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What happens after?

Once the one hour is reached the laser light will switch off on the timer, we can then remove the mouth retractor and safety goggles.

You’re now ready to sit up slowly and take the final shade assessment to see the difference.

It is also important to remember that there can be an acceleration time up to 24 hours where the whitening process will still be continuing to work.

During this time do not eat or drink anything with high staining ingredients.

Your professionally qualified teeth whitening expert should explain this in more depth to you and answer any questions you may have.

You may be a crazy tea drinker for example. In this instance (and others) we would suggest drinking through a straw to keep any staining solutions away from your teeth.

What are the side effects?

So, this leads us into quite an important question here and the answer.

The main side effect of laser teeth whitening is sensitivity. This also depends on what whitening gels are being used as well and to the strength of them.

Just like your teeth maybe sensitive to hot and cold foods, your teeth can be quite sensitive to the laser teeth whitening process.

One of the questions we always ask on the health form is how sensitive are your teeth? Low, Medium or High.

This can then make a difference to the choice of whitening gels that are used.

What is important to note when having the treatment is that the sensitivity will wear off. Some people in our experience may experience sensitivity up to 24 hours and in worse cases up to a week, but ultimately it will wear off.

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Relax back and enjoy the latest technology in teeth whitening treatment

What happens after laser teeth whitening?

The main aim after treatment (and achieving your desired results) is to keep your teeth white. You can read more on this here.

This will be helped by watching your lifestyle when it comes to food, drink and smoking. We’ve provided some more helpful links to articles which can help with this that you may find useful.

If you would like to book a laser teeth whitening appointment you can simply do this by completing our online booking form here.

It is also worth noting that any type of teeth whitening process will not last forever. Although, you can get instant quicker results with laser teeth whitening eventually the teeth can go back to their natural colour. We would suggest the whitening can last anywhere between 3 months to 2 years dependant on lifestyle.

Thanks again and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. You can also comment on this page below for us to review and publish them.

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