Is it worth setting up a teeth whitening business?

Is it worth starting a teeth whitening business

Starting any new business can be quite a daunting task, especially when you’re not sure how to attract new customers to help you get up an running.

There are also other areas to think about such as providing a top quality service, buying the right equipment, organising your diary, managing your marketing and sales. Find out more below if you’re interested in setting up a teeth whitening business.

At Star Whitening we will provide the equipment, excellent 24/7 support and the teeth whitening course to hold your hand through each process with excellent guidance and advice and many years of experience.

Let’s start with a personal story

My name’s Matt and I was made redundant from my main job. It was a very difficult time for us as a family.

We weren’t sure of the future and the idea of throwing myself straight into another job to become a slave to the clock didn’t really excite me, however at the time I was willing to do what ever was needed to make ends meet.

After going through all our monthly bills and slashing them down as much as possible, I decided I needed a certain amount of work every week to make ends meet.

The first thing in this situation is to ask yourself what do you really love doing? what is it that drives you, what are you really passionate about?

Well, I always liked to make people smile having fun in my job wherever I worked.

Then, it dawned on me I had been concerned in recent years over my own smile and that it didn’t have the dazzling white glow it once had.

I knew if I had a job interview coming up I needed to do something about my teeth to help me feel more confident. This is when I seriously began to look into teeth whitening, and how effective it could really be.

Although, I knew home kits could work, I was looking for something better. This is when I invested in a teeth whitening business package and I’ve never looked back since.

Now, I get to give people a better smile and at the same time pay the bills so everyone’s a winner!

You may find your situation is completely different, but the key here is do you want to help people smile more confidently? Are you willing to do whatever you can to have happy customers? If the answer is yes, then please read on.

I wanted to share this journey with you so you can understand the basis of why we love and enjoy working in the teeth whitening industry. If you are considering starting your own teeth whitening business then please get in touch.

We pride ourselves on the best support for our members to help them get started and earn money as quick as possible.

This is a great investment when it’s done right,

How profitable is a teeth whitening business?

teeth whitening course

Read more about our business course

Having a teeth whitening business is a very rewarding service to provide and a fast-growing UK industry to be in.

Not only do you help people improve their smile, but the profit margins can be extremely good as well. It’s really important that you check out our training course!

The set up costs are quite minimal (around £1500). So, when you see 15 new customers you’ve already returned the cost to set the business up. We also provide a more detailed article on ‘are teeth whitening businesses profitable‘.

The next step is to take into consideration the running costs. These would include fuel costs if you offer a mobile service, costs for whitening gels and other items in the application kit. To give you an idea you should be working on a 60-70% profit margin per customer although you can improve this as time goes on.

Star Whitening provide all these helpful tips, support and advice on our training courses to help you maximise your profit margins yet never compromise quality, happy customers and price. Online reviews play a major part of our business, so delivering a top service is not negotiable.

How big is the UK Market?

The UK teeth whitening market is worth about £4 Billion every year spent by consumers looking for a brighter smile. With the rise of reality TV in recent years and the many hours of films on Netflix this has really made people wonder if they can get a good smile like the celebrities on TV.

There are also many different options available out there, however at Star Whitening we only want to provide our clients with the very best on the market – remember we want happy customers! This is the very ethos of our company.

When we help you set up a business in your area we know there is an appetite for teeth whitening the question is how much of a slice of the market can you generate for yourself with our help.

Is Starting a Teeth Whitening Business Really A Good Idea?

As we’ve mentioned before starting any business can be a little scary, will it sap all my time? How much will it really cost? These are questions we naturally ask ourselves.

Actually, the truth is it’s very straight forward, there’s a market appetite and it’s really affordable to get up and running with our help. Having an in-person location attracts 96.9% of the market market revenues vs only 3.1% who order kits online.

So, the need for having locations across the UK where people can meet for treatment is in much demand. This provides an amazing opportunity for your business to really take off in your area.

We have to remember that local dental prices are £250+ for tray and gum shield treatment and you can expect laser treatment  to be in the region of £300+. We’ve even heard of some clinic charging £4000 which sounds extortionate.

We are providing teeth whitening treatment for £99+ depending on your area and travel costs so the savings for your clients can be massive.

So, with a low investment start up and good profit margins, then the answer to is starting a teeth whitening business really a good idea? We can confidently say yes. The next part is ensuring you do it properly to avoid any pit falls.

We also supply equipment directly to dental clinics across the UK, so you can ensure that you are only buying the best.

In teeth whitening, the opportunities are endless and if you’re a home based business you can also sell our home kits and get them from us at wholesale prices as well.

How do you find true customer satisfaction?

Well, when you see someone who has a dazzling white smile that you helped create, and their confidence is boosted – this is what makes the job really worth it and brings true satisfaction. Not to mention how many of their friends and family will talk about you as well, it really does make the job well worth it.

Anybody who takes care of their physical appearance will look and feel much better and you get to play a part in this.

We find as well that it’s nice for people to be pampered, so when they get to relax during the treatment time they’ll be leaving your office less stressed as well as having a lovely smile.

People trust people who can provide expert advice and useful information to help them improve. This is what our course will help teach you.

Do you need to be a dentist to provide the treatment?

If you are going to touch someone during the procedure, and you use peroxide whitening gels then yes you will need to be a registered dentist.

However, you need to understand you are only facilitating the whitening process very similar to home kits being applied at home by the client themselves.

The equipment is technically rented to the client for them to apply the procedure and this part is all covered off on the course.

Remember, the objective here is to safely provide the opportunity for someone to whiten their teeth.

You may also find our articles on how to start a teeth whitening business helpful as well.

We offer 24/7 support so if you want to ask questions, then please feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

How to start up a teeth whitening business

The first step is to buy one of our business packages which includes the course and will teach you everything you’ll need to know.

Teeth whitening businesses have become big business in the past few years with more home products and time dedicated for achieving the perfect white smile.

A few years ago, teeth whitening used to be an option available for those who were rich and famous. The only people we used to see with dazzling white smiles were actors, celebrities, and models. However, the market has now shifted and open to the majority of the adult population.

With advanced laser technologies now available, the opportunities have opened up for anyone who wants to take advantage of getting their teeth whitened.

As we rightly know, gleaming smiles are a valuable asset socially and can certainly appeal to the opposite sex. If you want to help people achieve a white smile, then you’ll want to consider starting up a teeth whitening business.

A teeth whitening business is a high demand cosmetic business in the same categories as hair care and nails. Almost, everyone is interested in removing the yellow stains from their teeth and achieving a whiter, more younger beautiful smile.

Starting a teeth whitening business enables you to provide professional teeth whitening treatment for your customers and yet still make a decent profit margin with the treatment.

This is an excellent business to get into because of the low start-up costs and high-profit returns. But, before you invest in the industry be wise and do your own research first. Star Whitening are on hand with unrivalled support to answer all your questions.

Teeth whitening business is a winner as you can pay off your investment very quickly. With an investment of £1500, for instance, you can make on average £100 per customer.

If you are a dentist, you can get a return on your investment just after a few patients, which means you only need to see a few people each month to make it worthwhile.

A teeth whitening business will profit you as long as you manage your operations wisely. We have discovered that those who put in the effort and market their service effectively can have a successful and profitable tooth whitening business.

The marketing side is also where Star Whitening comes in as we have over 25 year’s experience in this area.

Teeth whitening business is ideally for those who have a passion to make people smile. The business has been in existence for some time, but only recently has accessible technologies and products readily available.

With the growth of teeth whitening products onto the market this has also made the service much more affordable.

To be successful in the teeth whitening business, you have to choose the right teeth whitening gels, take a proper course, and choose the right LED accelerator laser machine.

From experience, we have discovered that providing a quality teeth whitening gel combined with a pre-whitening dental stain remover delivers the most effective combination for a brilliant whitening result.

Prices can vary from £35 to £4000, so it’s thorough research is required as the cheapest route is not always the best in the long run, you can undoubtedly get what you pay for.

Teeth whitening is perfectly safe when a trained technician administers it. This is so important that you understand which gels to use to ensure to ensure patient safety is never compromised.

As long as the teeth are in good condition, almost everyone can get great results from our teeth whitening procedures.

There are various maintenance products available on the market such as touch-up pens, home whitening kits, vitamin-enriched whitening toothpaste, coconut oil-based toothpaste, and organic activated charcoal powder.

However, to deliver quality results and make your customers happy, top-quality training, products, and equipment are essential and must be utilised to make your business successful.

Reasons why you need to start a teeth whitening business

  • Teeth whitening business is a booming presently that has come to start as more people try to achieve a perfect whitening smile. It is a profitable business to get started as a service in your business place
  • Teeth whitening business is a great business model for success. it is a business with a large profit margins. With a low investment package, you will have everything you need to get started.
  • A teeth whitening business is a versatile service that makes a great addition to your existing cosmetic and dentistry business. For instance, you can upsell your teeth whitening treatments from other services you provide. Distributors and those that work in a salon can also include teeth whitening service in their business as long as they adhere to the law.

Is having a teeth whitening business really rewarding?

Teeth whitening is perfect for those who are interested in personal care. Studies have also shown that when people partake in activities that improve their appearance, it increases their self-confidence. Therefore, we have happy customers!

When it comes to sales, about 97% of people buying personal care products like to do it in person because they want to interact with a person who has the experience and expertise with the product. This is where our courses will help put you in good stead for building your client base.

Creating that personal connection is essential when closing teeth whitening sales.

Doing this work line is rewarding for both your clients and you as you help promote self-confidence.

Teeth whitening business is one of the fast-growing businesses in the UK. The demand is at an all-time high and only set to grow.

It is the number one requested cosmetic service that as the treatment makes people look younger in just one hour.

It is a business with low overheads and colossal profit where you can return your investment back in the shortest time.

If you are thinking, or looking for a business to start-up then please get in touch with Star Whitening today.