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CE approved whitening gel

CE Approved Teeth Whitening Products

What does it mean to have products that are CE Approved?

A CE Marking on the products we use mean that they have fully met the EU standards for health, safety and environmental protection.

For example the Teeth Whitening gels we use along with the laser treatment technology have met these standards in order for us to protect our clients.

Any businesses who trade within the European Economic area should make sure their products are compliant with EU standards.

The CE marking is recognised internationally. ‘CE’ stands for ‘Conformité Européenne’ which is French for European Conformity.

 CE Approved Whitening Gels

CE approved whitening gel logo

The CE approved mark for high quality non-peroxide teeth whitening gels

Star Whitening only sell products that have fully met the EU standards and are therefore suitable for all of our clients to use. You can also purchase non-peroxide teeth whitening gels through our online store.

An example of this would be the teeth whitening gels that we use. This must be safe and have met EU regulations.

It’s very important when undergoing teeth whitening treatment that you ensure the vendor meets these regulations, as this will help protect your safety and give you the best chance to achieve your desired results.

These high quality non-peroxide whitening gels are also provided with our teeth whitening business start-up packages.

CE approved whitening gel sample

CE approved quality teeth whitening gel

You can have peace of mind and be satisfied that we only want the safest and best results for our clients. This is why we only sell CE approved teeth whitening products.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@starwhitening.co.uk

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