Are teeth whitening businesses profitable?

How profitable is a teeth whitening business

Building a quality teeth whitening client base increases profitability

Setting up a teeth whitening business can be quite scary at first, but with our help and support it’s very simple, cost-effective and profitable.

When you’re interested in starting up a teeth whitening business, many business owners ask themselves the all important question… are teeth whitening businesses profitable?

The first thing to understand here is that laser teeth whitening businesses can literally be set up anywhere with in the UK. This highly quality cosmetic treatment can also be provided as a mobile service.

You would expect with our help for profits margins to achieve around 80-90% per client, which makes starting a teeth whitening business an extremely exciting venture. We’ll talk more about this later on. So, straight away we can see the answer to…are teeth whitening businesses profitable? Is YES!

You can watch below our video on our teeth whitening treatment.

Who makes a teeth whitening business profitable?

You can start up a laser teeth whitening business just about anywhere in the UK. Here are some of the locations and types of clients that buy a teeth whitening package from us.

  • Dentists
  • Beauty Salons
  • Spas
  • Mobile teeth whitening technicians
  • Gyms
  • Hairdressers
  • Cosmetic treatment sellers
  • Someone who is passionate about giving people a whiter smile

How much does it cost to start?

Are teeth whitening businesses profitable

Are teeth whitening business profitable?

Star Whitening are committed to helping you set up a teeth whitening business fast and efficiently when you purchase the equipment and enrol on one of our training courses.

The start-up costs are very small when comparing to other treatment services. We run offers throughout the year, and these start off at only £1395 for the course, completion certificate, support and all the equipment to get going.

We also provide high quality ongoing products to achieve the best results for your clients.

Here’s a quick overview of our business package.

  • Latest whitening products on the market
  • Low pricing
  • Very responsive member support
  • Comprehensive training
  • Business support who will listen to you

You can find out more about our teeth whitening business here.

How much is the UK Market worth?

The UK teeth whitening business is a multi-million pound industry, fuelled by Reality TV programmes and celebrities who are always promoting their beautiful white smiles on our screens. We would estimate the market is worth at least £4 Billion spent on teeth whitening here in the UK.

The great news is there are no signs of the teeth whitening market slowing down and quite the opposite seem to be speeding up. When you start your teeth whitening business you will experience the appetite that is already in the market.

Star Whitening are able to provide you with low-cost teeth whitening treatments whilst at the same time never compromising on quality, to maintain excellent profit margins.

Watch our Start a Teeth Whitening Video

You need to know what you are doing

We’ve mentioned the 80-90% profit margins and the huge appetite and growing demand in the UK with at least a £40 million spend. However, one of the key factors here when you’re thinking about tapping into this market is the need to know what you’re doing.

This is why it’s important to join Star Whitening, the fastest growing business provider to help you all the way!

We have many successful business owners who have chosen us as their top UK supplier to help them get started.

Let’s look at the figures together

Below is a chart that helps you consider your potential earnings and importantly the profitability when starting up a teeth whitening business.

Teeth Whitening Business Chart

*Please note these figures are for guidance purposes only

We can see from the chart that just providing 5 treatments per week at 1 hour each (5 hours) then you could receive an additional profit of £450 per week. Not bad, considering the number of hours worked.

Likewise, 10 customers per week = £900 profit and 20 customers per week = £1800

You will need to take into consideration travel time between appointments and associated fuel costs if you want to operate a mobile service with your clients.

In reality, depending on your schedule and how many new clients you can see each week offering teeth whitening, will have a bearing effect on how much you earn and the amount of profit that ultimately goes in your pocket!

This is where the planning comes in.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail 

Here is a list of some areas you will need to take into consideration when you maximise your profit margins. We will go through these and much more in depth when you enrol on the course, and we’ll support you with any questions you have when you’re up and running.

  • Your Diary
  • Re-ordering whitening gels
  • Sterilisation and cleanliness
  • Booking appointments
  • Confirming Appointments
  • Building your client base

As a UK leading wholesaler, we will also help you stretch your profit margins as much as possible by giving the best deals on the ongoing products you will require.

How to take payments

So far, we’ve discussed profit margins, value of the UK market, expected earnings and now we’ll cover off how to take payments.

Teeth whitening profitability

How much do you plan on earning with your teeth whitening business?

It’s quite simple really, you’ll need a mobile payments provider (we’ll give you details of the best on the market during our course) so you can accept payments on the go.

You can also opt for cash and Paypal, these payment means fit the business model quite well.

However, BACS payments and invoicing with your clients isn’t really used due to the instant payment required at the end of the treatment. You’ll want to move onto the next appointment rather than hang around waiting for payments to clear.


  • You can get started from only £1395
  • Profit margins operate around 80-90%
  • Market cap in the UK for teeth whitening is around £40 million
  • 5 customers per week = £450 take home profit (as a guide)
  • 10 customer per week = £900 take home profits (as a guide)
  • 20 customers per week = £1800 take home profits (as a guide)

You get to pay off your initial investment with 16 customers, so your return on investment can come back pretty quickly.

If you charge more and maybe you’re a dentist the you’ll need to see less patients to get back your original investment.

If you have a passion to give people a whiter smile, and you have the time to provide the treatment then most business owners will say it makes sense to start a teeth whitening business.

If you put the effort in, you will see greater results and we’re here to guide you through the process.

We may not be the cheapest out there in the UK, but our wholesale prices are extremely competitive and the teeth whitening products we sell are of the best and highest quality in every way, giving you and your customers the best value possible.

If you would like to find out more, then please call our Business Support hotline on 01702 742 077.

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AlexPosted on12:04 am - Jan 8, 2022

Hi is this set up and course £1395? Or £1495 thanks and the online course is a full day what hours are they please and are they just mon-fri thanks

    1st ChoicePosted on5:48 pm - Jan 16, 2022

    Hello Alex

    Our current package offer is for £1495 which includes the latest dental touch screen laser machine, application Kits and the one day training course. This will show you how you achieve the best results from our one hour instant results teeth whitening treatment. We also run the courses on the weekend as well if this is more suitable for you. Please feel free to have a read here where you can find more helpful information.

    Kind regards
    The Customer Care Team
    Star Whitening

JennyPosted on1:43 pm - Jan 15, 2022

I’m really interested in doing the teeth whiting course. Where does the training take place ?

    1st ChoicePosted on5:38 pm - Jan 16, 2022

    Hi Jenny

    Thank you for your enquiry. We only sell the courses with our latest dental technology laser machines and application kits. The purpose of the course is to show you how to get the best results from one hour instant results teeth whitening treatment. You can fin out more details including the price for the course and everything you need here. We look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards The Customer Care Team @ Star Whitening

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