Mobile Teeth Whitening Essex

Welcome to Star Whitening the UK’s no1. mobile teeth whitening service in Essex and across the UK.

Our qualified mobile teeth whitening technicians are based in Southend, however we have outlets all across the UK so please feel free to place a booking enquiry with us and we will see whether we can serve your area.

Your Location

When you place your booking enquiry with us, please let us know the town or city where you are based, and we will endeavour to come and see you. We also need a small space next to a power point to be able to carry out the appointment.

This normally takes place in a dining room or lounge whichever is easier and more comfortable.

We will bring a radio to play during the appointment or you may want to relax and listen to music, or maybe watch your favourite TV programme.

We are very easy and will cater for you to help you relax during your session.

Mobile Teeth Whitening Car

See our mobile technicians out on the road

Our Vehicles

You will easily be able to recognise our vehicles as they are sign marked with Star Whitening Mobile Teeth whitening to help you spot us when we pull up outside your location.

These signs are easily removable, so if you wanted us to be a bit more discreet then just let us know and we’ll arrange this for you.

Mobile Laser Machine

We would normally cover areas up to 20 miles around each clinic location. We will transport our mobile dental laser technology which includes our portable machine, also known as our laser equipment.

We do have to be careful when transporting this equipment to ensure we are protecting the laser lamps on the journey. This is why we don’t travel too far from our base locations.

This is why we don’t like to travel too far on each journey.

Our passion is to help you with a nice white smile and to enlighten your teeth the best we can so we will do our best to travel to your location. We are also passionate about helping others set up a teeth whitening business in their area.

Professional Mobile Teeth Whitening

It is our mission to achieve the best whitening results for our clients with our extremely professional service. Each cosmetic teeth whitening session lasts for only one hour with instant whitening results.

We treat each of our clients with high standards of customer service and the cosmetic teeth whitening is completely safe to give you extra peace of mind.

Everyone who buys one of our teeth whitening business packages will also get to enjoy one of our training courses to help equip you.

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What’s the difference between the mobile service and coming to us?

Well quite simply it saves you the hassle of travel and time.

We also operate weekends, so if you’re balancing work commitments and family during the week then making a weekend appointment at home is so simple and makes life easier. That said we can also arrange evening appointments if that’s easier as well.

We’ll fit our mobile service around you.

Please note: We do sometimes apply a fuel surcharge depending on how far we have to travel, but we’re happy to discuss this with you when confirming your booking.

We mentioned that a great benefit is you can enjoy the safe cosmetic teeth whitening in the comfort of your own home. However, we also understanding that some clients maybe having work done, or simply want to escape the kids.

This is where visiting our clean teeth whitening clinic maybe more beneficial in this instance, and of course you’re always welcome.

If you haven’t quite decided yet on which option to take then please have a read of our reviews and visit our smile gallery to see what others customers have achieved in their results.

We look forward to hearing from you and please do not forget to let us know your location so we can check we cover that area with our mobile teeth whitening service.