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Find out more about Star Whitening the UK’s no1. best teeth whitening treatment.

Our passion is help people smile more confidently with a brilliant looking celebrity smile to make you look brighter, younger and fresher. We help clients with our one hour instant results treatment. This will dramatically help enlighten your smile and give you a boost in confidence!

It’s a very simple process as you can simply place a booking enquiry online and we will check if we are mobile in your area, or visit our clinic in Southend Essex.

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Our teeth whitening services are book a teeth whitening treatment, buy a teeth whitening business or simply shop online

We are fully qualified Mobile Teeth Whitening Experts are based in Southend on Sea, Essex and we also have Qualified Teeth Whitening Technicians based in areas all over the UK.

You are welcome to travel to us in Essex, or our teeth whitening mobile service will come to you if we cover your catchment area.

What services do we provide?

How does our teeth whitening treatment work?

We begin each treatment by taking a teeth shade assessment. We take this before and after of each the teeth whitening process. We then apply a high quality teeth whitening gel where you get to relax under the professional laser treatment for one hour.

When you use our treatment, you will be asked to complete and sign a health form.

This form explains the process of teeth whitening and is a disclaimer explaining you will be renting the equipment and purchasing the teeth whitening gels from us when carrying out the treatment, with our support.

We re-apply the gel at each x3 twenty minute intervals during the one hour. At the end, you will receive instant whitening results which can be proven with the teeth shade assessment. See our frequently asked questions to help provide you with more information.

How do our teeth whitening business packages work?

The UK teeth whitening industry has grown substantially over recent years. The UK market is worth £40 million and only set to increase.

The wide range of dental technologies, course availability and customer affordability has helped fuel the UK market. We’ve all watched Reality TV programmes and Hollywood movies, where celebrities show off their white dazzling smiles.

Our business packages bring this service directly to your area wherever you are in the UK. Find out more here

More About us

Each treatment is for one hour with instant results. You can book your teeth whitening appointment here.

Please watch our video below to learn more about our teeth whitening service.

You can contact us here for more details.

Our Head Office is based here in Southend on sea, Essex and we’ve been passionate about teeth whitening for over 9 years. We take our customer satisfaction and reviews very seriously. Some people ask us does it really work?

Well, you can see our before and after pictures and give us a try. our treatment is 100% safe, with no pain.

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We care about you

We really care about you and we’re certainly passionate about giving you a whiter smile, so you can feel more confident at work or when you’re heading off to a social gathering. Always do your research when finding out about teeth whitening products and services.

In some cases, we will recommend you visit your local dental hygienist if the staining is too deep. It’s always a good idea to send us a photo and we will analyse the condition of your teeth staining and let you know the best course of action.

Our reputation

You can easily have a look online and see the many customers who are very satisfied after their treatment with us.

Some will even come back if they have a special occasion and may have overdone it on the red wine, or tea and coffee in between. But rest assured we are here to help you achieve your desired result when you want that dazzling smile.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us today and one of our qualified teeth whitening technicians will help answer any questions or queries you may have.

We have been passionate about teeth whitening for over 9 years now and have a wealth of experience with many different types of client’s teeth.

As mentioned, we may recommend you visit your local dentist first in some cases, but please enquire with us today and we’ll be sure to help you.

Kind regards,

The Star Whitening Team

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