Teeth Whitening Business Training in the UK

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Teeth Whitening Business Training in the UK

teeth whitening training

We sell the latest dental technology teeth whitening treatment.

Enjoy a dazzling white smile to really make a great first impression and be seen with one of your best assets a person is attracted to photos and conversation. This is one of the reasons teeth whitening business training and this particular type of teeth whitening treatment is booming in the UK.

Having a nice white smile shows that a person takes cares of themselves and wants to keep themselves young, attractive and looking their absolute best.

In fact, 32% of Brits want whiter teeth and 66% have actively considered teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening has really become popular in recent years from celebrities to business people and those who are interested in self preservation.

The technology and laser machines available now on the market has become so good its been modernised, simplified and upgraded to suit the average person.

The treatment is no longer hugely expensive as days gone by, but is now considered to be extremely affordable. It’s very easy to book teeth whitening treatment and we help businesses all across the UK generate customer leads in their area as well as Essex, London and Kent.

It’s no longer just for the rich and famous who can really afford to spend lots of money on cosmetic teeth whitening procedures, it’s become so accessible for everyone. This is great news!

Teeth whitening comes in many ways from home kits to dental clinics to beauty salons. There’s lots of opportunities out there in the market, however knowing what works best at a price within budget is key. With our teeth whitening business packages we can help you get started in your area.

Our goal at Star Whitening is to provide the ultimate in customer service with our business package treatments. We offer teeth whitening business training and courses that are really interactive and can be provided remotely as well as in person.

We aim to equip our business package buyers with everything they need to know about teeth whitening.

Which products work? And why…

Best practices to start a teeth whitening business

We’ll help you set up you teeth whitening business

When you enrol on our training course which is open to everyone, we will teach you the tips and skills to successfully offer laser teeth whitening treatments that get results.

Our goal is for you to have highly satisfied clients who will want to leave you a five star review and keep coming back in the future for top up sessions.

Word of mouth is so important and when others see your clients amazing results they’ll want to visit you as well, and tell their friends and family.

The teeth whitening business package and the course will enable you to carry out the treatment from your clinical setting, or become mobile to help your clients from the comfort of their chosen location.

It’s a brilliant add on service as well if you’re offering other non-invasive cosmetic treatments, or you can simply offer the teeth whitening treatment on a stand alone basis.

Our laser teeth whitening treatment is really good for almost everybody who has healthy gums and teeth who must be over the age of 18.

Teeth Whitening Business Training Online

The training will be carried out over a one day course and on a remote learning basis. This means you can come to our main centre in Essex, or you can take the course from the comfort of your own home or chosen location.

On the training day you will have theory and practical training. All angles of the treatments will be discussed with you and indications and contraindications will be discussed and taught until you come to a place where you feel confident to offer the treatment.

business start up package

Check out our teeth whitening business start up package

Theory and practical will both be involved in the training, and the day will be split between the two. On the training course you will learn how to whiten teeth using a non peroxide gel; the non peroxide we use complies with current UK and EU laws.

There is much confusion in the dentistry industry regarding teeth whitening and who is able to carry it out, but we can ensure our training method will help you operate within the legal framework of both the UK and the EU.

We will educate and inform you from a legal perspective on the important matters in the cosmetic non dental teeth whitening industry at present.

The House of Lords and the European Commission both confirm that teeth whitening is a cosmetic treatment and therefore is covered by the EU Cosmetics Directive. So our training is taught in a way which meets the terms of cosmetic teeth whitening framework and you do not fall under the dental teeth whitening legislation.

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