Teeth Whitening Business Statistics

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Teeth Whitening Business Statistics

UK stats to start a teeth whitening business

1 in 5 adults who started a teeth whitening business have doubled their pre-COVID wage

Here’s one of our latest press releases at Star Whitening with some interesting teeth whitening business stats 2021 and especially if you’re interested in starting up a teeth whitening business.

  • 22% of UK adults who launched or invested in their business from home during the pandemic have been able to go full time with their new business venture – making on average 87% their pre-COVID monthly wage
  • ‘Safe teeth whitening at home’ has seen a +3,450% increase in online searches in the past year, while ‘starting up a teeth whitening business peaked in popularity in January of this year
  • While the top reason for launching a business at home is to make money, half found themselves out of work and looking for something new to try, with 87% citing the pandemic as to why they were out of work
  • Star Whitening, a teeth whitening brand in the UK, have seen an 50% rise in the number of qualified teeth whitening technicians, with dentists and beauty therapists looking to expand their patient income streams.

Due to dramatic boost in watch hours over the last 12 months during lockdown with Reality TV shows and movies, 84% of adults have checked out the celebrities and now look to teeth whitening as a cost-effective way to improve their smile.

The team at www.starwhitening.co.uk analysed onsite traffic and found there was an increase of +70% for teeth whitening enquiries at the start of April as those in England were adjusting to being allowed to mix with another household outdoors and heading towards pubs reopening.

During the past year, the company has also witnessed an 50% increase in the number of qualified teeth whitening technicians as people look to expand their skills and source of income into dentistry.

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Additionally, Google Trends analysis revealed that online searches peaked for teeth whitening between the 21st and 27th March 2021, while ‘safe teeth whitening at home’ has seen a +3,450% increase in searches in the past 12 months.

This analysis also revealed that ‘start a business from home’ peaked in popularity in January 2021, with August 2020 and May 2020 following close behind in terms of online searches within the UK.

Following on from this, the team surveyed 1,050 UK adults who have launched their own business from home during the past 12 months or have taken the plunge to invest and expand their current side hustle.

It was initially found that the top reasons for launching a business from home were found to be:

  • I wanted to make more money – 95%
  • I found myself out of work and unable to find a new job – 51%
  • I decided to make a career out of my hobby – 39%
  • I was looking for something to do with my spare time – 30%
  • To be my own boss – 22%

87% of those who found themselves out of work stated that their job had been directly affected as a result of the ongoing pandemic.

The research also found that beauty therapists (16%), bakers (14%) and those offering personalised gifts (13%) were the most likely to have expanded their products and services throughout the past 12 months, enabling them to reach a wider audience.

When asked, it was found that those with home businesses are making on average 87% more than they were bringing home each month from their previous job.

The team at Star Whitening stated:

“We have seen a 110% increase in the number of people joining Star Whitening over the past 12 months, undertaking the relevant training and courses to be qualified in teeth whitening. They may have never considered this as a business venture before, but there is a definite and expanding market for at home beauty therapy treatments such as this, and the past year has enabled so many people to venture outside of their comfort zones to try something entirely new and exciting.

Although, we are seeing a return to social gatherings the massive increase in being on camera remotely has also boosted a desire for a whiter smile.

“While we work with many people who love the idea of being able to offer a service to their loved ones, friends and client base to help them smile more confident, especially now we’re able to socialise and summer is on the horizon, we also work with a large base of private dental practices looking to offer additional services and generate an extra source of patient income with our proven teeth whitening dental technology.

Total set up costs range from only £1450 and include the application kits (high quality non-peroxide whitening gels for 20 customers), so when each treatment is sold at £99 it doesn’t take long to recover the £1450.

For those interested to know more about Star Whitening and adding teeth whitening to their services, more information can be found by placing your business enquiry here.

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