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How to Get Your Caffeine Fix Without Staining Your Teeth

How to Get Your Caffeine Fix Without Staining Your Teeth

How do you enjoy tea and coffee without staining your teeth?

We are a nation of coffee and tea lovers! So, how do you get your caffeine fix without staining your teeth? Well, with a coffee shop or café now on nearly every street corner we can safely say us Brits do love a hot cuppa, whether it be tea or coffee. We drink it to stay awake, socially with our family and friends, in work meetings, as a digestive and for comfort.

We drink it morning, noon, night and anywhere in between but the BIG question is what is our beloved caffeine habit really doing to our teeth?

The Caffeine Effect

We all know that caffeine keeps us alert and gives us the energy boost we need to get through the day, but what effect does caffeine rea;;y have on our teeth? Consumption of excessive caffeine as we are all aware causes yellowing of the teeth, or worse greying and gather those nasty brown stains between the teeth too.

Did you know that the enamel on your teeth can degrade over time due to the caffeine in take too? As the enamel wears off your teeth are susceptible to diseases and can damage more easily causing staining more likely to happen faster. Enamel is the protection on our teeth that wards off cavities and dental disease, so it’s pretty important that we all look after our enamel!

More surprisingly than that though is that caffeine is more often than not blamed for teeth clenching, as caffeine brings about stress and anxiety in large quantities leaving us sleep deprived, we will often without realise clench our teeth together and may even leading to grinding our teeth at night.

Worth noting as this will cause jaw and tooth pain although thankfully not another staining issue.

How does caffeine stain your teeth?

Tannin is present in caffeine (and red wine) and tannin has a compound in it called polyphenol. Polyphenols break down when they come into contact with water and that triggers the colour compounds in your coffee and tea (not forgetting red wine too) to stick to your teeth and in turn that creates the yellowish look on your teeth.

Over time it gets darker and more stubborn to remove.

Daily life is made up of little moments of joy so should we give up our habitual comforting cup of tea or our stimulating fresh bean cup of coffee that gives us so much pleasure?

Pretty sure knowing what the effects are and how it affects our bodies and our dental health make caffeine harder to swallow than we would like it to be. So, what can we do to ensure we get our caffeine fix whilst protecting our teeth?

Nice cup of coffee

Staining Your Teeth Solutions

Drinking through a straw is the most obvious solution however, if it’s that lovely, iced coffee or cold iced tea that’s not a bad shout but a hot steaming cup of your favourite through a straw could be uncomfortable and do little else than keep your lipstick in place! A top tip here is adding milk to our cups of tea and coffee helps reduce the staining from the drinks and rinsing afterwards too with water.

Alongside the caffeine in most carbonated drinks lurks another sneaky enemy attacking the teeth, phosphoric acid.

Phosphoric acid can attack the enamel on the teeth wearing it away and coupled with the caffeine it’s a double whammy of staining and enamel damage so drinking through a straw here is always the answer!

Our kids always ask for a straw so follow their lead and don’t forget to make it an eco friendly non plastic one!

Having a good and healthy dental routine twice a day will help keep the staining at bay.

Brushing with a brand of whitening toothpaste, using flossing and tooth pick products and a good soothing mouthwash will certainly bring you some way to protecting the teeth from staining but is it enough to keep our smiles bright and white? Seeing a hygienist and dentist regularly will help but is it often enough?

Professionals will tell you that the teeth whitening toothpaste is only going to take off surface staining and can be quite abrasive to use everyday so whilst this will help fight the caffeine effect careful not to make your teeth sensitive.

The bicarbonate of soda paste is another way to bring up the whiteness of the teeth again though this will only be surface level stain removal.

So, what really works without loosing that caffeine hit we all know and love? Step into the limelight teeth whitening done by a professional (or one they can provide you with for home whitening).

Not only can this method be hugely effective, but it is also very simple to implement once the trays (like a mouth guard that moulds to your teeth) are made up. One hour a day for a few weeks is usually recommended or go into a clinic and have a professional do the treatment for you.

Using the gel either at home or in a clinic can have your results last as long as six months before you need a top up. Is it worth it? YES! You can have both bright white teeth and that winning smile AND keep your joyful caffeine habit alive!

pictures of tea and coffee

We would love to hear your comments below – Please have your say as others will value your opinions as well.

When your looking to protect your teeth from any unwanted stains people can drink through a straw to help protect the whiteness of their teeth. Ture or False?

ByAllie Cooper

Teeth Whitening Coupons, Promo Codes & Deals

Online teeth whitening coupon vouchers

Easy to find teeth whitening coupon vouchers

Let’s get real, when it comes to shopping, we all love a bargain! We can’t resist the appeal of a nice teeth whitening coupon voucher, sale item, money off, launch promotions, two for one deals, buy one get one free and vouchers. It doesn’t matter if you are used to flashing the cash or keeping to a tight budget; a bargain will grab everyone’s attention! Teeth Whitening Coupons are a must when it comes to booking your teeth whitening treatment and searching for them as never been easier.

We are used to seeing these offers in supermarkets, online shopping sites and on our high street but what is to say there isn’t deals to be had elsewhere and if you are in the market for some teeth whitening or have been thinking about it for a while then this blog is for you! Find teeth whitening coupon vouchers online here,

Why search for deals on teeth whitening?

Let’s think about why teeth whitening is worth it. As we age, our teeth bare the brunt of foods and drinks, we consume that contain tannin in them like red wine, tea, coffee and even juices like grape juice, our teeth also fall foul to plague, and we all know that smoking is not good for those (not so) pearly whites!

All these factors combined create discolouration and a yucky dirty looking yellow hue can appear. Discoloration in the teeth can cause confidence to dip and starts to affect smiling and talking directly to people for fear of being judged. Teeth whitening fortunately can reverse all that damage and give you back a winning, bright smile and bags of confidence to boot!

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E-Vouchers for the win!

Dropping heavy and not so subtle hints to family and friends and even generous colleagues around a forthcoming birthday, Valentines Day treat or even as a Christmas gift is a great way to gain the bright smile of your dreams!

Mothers Days, Fathers Days and Weddings are always a winner too!

After all, if this is something you dream of then why wouldn’t those that love and care for you contribute to it via the purchase of an e-voucher from your chosen teeth whitening provider. Being up front about your wishes sometimes gets you to your dream smile more quickly than saving up for months and months by yourself.

Simple to buy by filling in a form online, make the payment and the professionals can send you the voucher straight to your inbox!

Teeth Whitening Coupons – The Packaged deal

Knowing that you want the teeth whitening for whatever the reason be it to smarten up your look or for an important occasion like your own wedding or special party is the first step. Start looking at the packaged deals on offer as these are really worth it and can save you stacks of cash. Get what you want and saving money all in one foul swoop is really enticing.

Lots of teeth whitening providers offer courses of treatment that when purchasing together gives you money off for committing to the process – the reward for taking the process seriously with them! You can order teeth whitening treatment packages here.

We sometimes run deals at 50% off, so please contact us to see what offers we are currently running.

Smile Bright with Star Whitening Promo Codes

At Star Whitening we offer both e-vouchers and packages which combined with our top quality professional service makes us the one stop shop for all your teeth whitening needs. Look no further, now let us tell you why!

We have a clinic based in Essex and many other locations across the UK available with the mobile team to bring our professional service into your home for your ease and to suit your needs. At Star Whitening we can take your teeth up to fourteen shades lighter with instant results that last a long time.

Give us one hour and we will get the whitening treatment done for you with a safe and tried method with no pain to you.

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We make the process very simple to book an e-voucher. All that needs to happen is the filling in of a very simple form in the first instance, just the basics like name of person receiving the voucher, where they live and your email and phone number.

Teeth Whitening Gift Voucher Coupon

A member of our team picks the email up and check our mobile team can cover that area specified and sends out a secure payment link. Once paid we email the voucher to you ready for you to hand to the recipient.

Quote promo codes such as ‘STAR1’ or ‘STAR 10’ and see what these teeth whitening deals can bring you.

An uncomplicated process gives you an insight to how Star Whitening work, delivering on promises efficiently and creating dream smiles.

Our packages save you money and that is a fact!

We strive to give you the best we can in a very competitive market. We can see you in our clinics or we have a mobile team ready to bring our professional service to your doorstep. We have two packages to choose from depending on how stained you think your teeth are, one package offers more sessions than the other.

Star Whitening has a proven track record with 100% positive results on treatments and our promise to you is that if you find a better deal elsewhere, we will look at matching this or giving you a better deal. We are serious about your teeth and your investment in your smile, this is what we do.

All Adults 

Teeth Whitening can only be carried out only if the person is over 18 years old. The good news is both Men and Women can enjoy this experience and achieve great results at the same time.

Couples may also want to book in together which can be really convenient if the provider offers the benefits of two laser machine treatments and can carry out the treatment simultaneously meaning both can enjoy the one hour treatment together.

Please have your say in our comments box below and be sure we’re happy to reply to any questions:)

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Buy Teeth Whitening Coupons and simply gift them to a loved one!

What is Teeth Whitening?

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Laser Teeth Whitening

ByAllie Cooper

Easy at home teeth whitening for any budget

Budget Teeth Whitening

Turn the pages of any glossy magazine on the shop shelves for both men and women and guaranteed what will stand out above any other feature is the glistening healthy smiles of the celebrities that adorn the pages. Today, we’re going to talking about teeth whitening for any budget

Instagram and Tik Tok all feature reels and videos of celebrities showing off their beaming white smiles whilst talking into the camera.

Celebrities and the rich and famous have stunning bright white smiles that make their eyes shine and will compliment any outfit. A beautiful white smile is often associated with going hand in hand with success and assurance in life.

It’s ok for them though, isn’t it? They have the money to spend, and their business (tv, reality, magazine shoots, presenting, movies, even the sporting world) calls for the perfect smile but what about the everyday Joe or Joanna? That’s you or me!

How do we really afford to get that winning smile, a smile that creates an abundance of confidence, a smile not hidden behind a closed mouth grin or one from behind your hand? Wipe away those preconceived thoughts about how costly this might be and read on for how you too can shine with your bright white smile, but on an affordable budget!

The truth is, if you go to the dentist and have your teeth whitened there then you are looking at anything between £250 for a take home kit and up to and beyond £1000 for anything else. Luckily for those that are on a budget and want that 100-watt smile there are other avenues to head down and these actually work. Book affordable £99 one hour teeth whitening treatment here.

So, whether you are looking for that celebrity smile or looking to correct an imperfection on your teeth it does not have to be that expensive.

The first thing to know to start the process is to avoid eating or drinking anything that will stain those pearly whites! So, avoiding tea, coffee, cola and red wine is the key (or just drink them through a straw! Haha)

Brushing twice a day with any fluoride toothpaste will keep stains at bay too! Add in some regular flossing and you are on your way to a healthier mouth and smile!

The Real Bargain Teeth Whitening For Any Budget

Really feeling strapped for cash? Then this option is absolutely for you. Once a week make up a paste of juice from a lime or lemon and mix with bicarbonate of soda. Scoop it onto your toothbrush and brush those teeth thoroughly. You will need to swill your mouth out at the end as the taste is not that pleasant but that is a small price to pay! Over time you will start to see your teeth whiten shade by shade. This option comes in at around 50p per week – now I’m sure you’ll agree that is teeth whitening on a budget albeit can be quite a bit of hassle!

Whitening Toothpaste

Most big brand toothpaste manufacturers offer whitening toothpaste for everyday use. These cost anywhere up to £25 (Colgate Max White Ultimate) but also as little as £1.50 (again Colgate Advanced White).

The deal with Charcoal

Activated charcoal helps whiten teeth and gives good oral health – double whammy!

The ingredient works by changing the Ph balance in your mouth in turn preventing cavities to form, bad breath and gum disease but it also absorbs plaque and all that stuff that stains your teeth. Many toothpaste manufacturers are now adding it to the everyday toothpastes (Dr Organic Charcoal Toothpaste – £4.99) or you can find powdered activated charcoal to use too like Unnis Active Whitening at £12.96.

The Strips

These strips literally strip away the discolour on your teeth. The whitening strips absorb into the enamel and oxidise the teeth removing the stains on the teeth, they are also said to be able to prevent the generation of new stains.

Some strips contain hydrogen peroxide in them, and others don’t so check the ingredients before you buy depending on your preference.

Hydrogen peroxide can be used in strips as it will generate a bleaching effect on the teeth. Check the packaging or details on the site you are buying from to make sure the strips meet UK and EU Regulations to know the product is safe and tested.

The strips can be found anywhere on the internet by doing a small search but here are some brands for you to give you an idea; Dazzle White strips cost from £1.99 per strip, and Tooth Fairy White strips can cost anywhere between £8.99 to £24.99 depending on quantity.

Moulds and Gels

The online world is full of different brands and types of gels, but the concept is the same across the board. Again, these gels will contain hydrogen peroxide or a close counterpart in carbamide peroxide, these ingredients interact with the molecules on the teeth and ultimately make the teeth brighter and whiter.

The gels are used with a mould, and these can be obtained from your dentist, or you can buy standard mouth moulds. Obviously, the ones from your dental professional are a better fit as they are made from your own teeth moulds but more expensive, so this depends on your budget. You can also purchase smart home kits for just £49.95 here.

Used overnight or for an hour a day until you get your required shade of bright and white! Gel costs vary but Dr Fresh Teeth Whitening Pens start at £6.39 and iWhite.

We sell the highest quality USA approved whitening gels for £5 each 3 ml syringes and you can place your order by just giving us a call on 01702 742 077.

Instant Teeth Whitening comes in at £29.95.

The world of Bright Blue Lights

The big question is should you invest in a bright blue mouth light to use with your gel or not, do they work, and what is the cost? It’s a big trend at the moment to use these lights and many celebrities are paid to advertise these on their Instagram and social media accounts, aimed at the thousands of followers they have to their feeds.

The jury across the board from the professionals is out on these gadgets, some say it will make the gel activate faster and some say they have seen no evidence of that and if the gel works anyway why invest in one? If you fancy your chances here is an example of the cost; the Rio Beauty Whitening kit comes in at just shy of £50 but you can get them as low as £12.99 from Rapid Light.

Laser Machine Treatment

teeth whitening business package for ladyThis comes in the form of a one hour treatment and we have a whole page designated to information on white laser machines which you can check out here.

Either way some people like to buy the whole kit for themselves and even set up a teeth whitening business where they can charge around £99 per hour and enjoy your own treatments for FREE. You can find out more about a teeth whitening business here.

Thank you for reading and please have your say below as we love to read and reply to your comments.

ByAllie Cooper

Can Oral Medication Stain Your Teeth?

Can oral medication stain your teethYour oral health is just as important as any other aspect of physical health. Though medicines are intended to be safe treatments for major or minor health problems, it’s important to understand their potential adverse effects on oral health. We will look at the question can oral medication really stain your teeth?

Some medicines can stain teeth during development and cause intrinsic discolorations once they are fully formed, while others can make the teeth more susceptible to tooth decay. Listed below are medications that have proven effects on tooth discoloration.

Oral Medication and Antibiotics

Certain antibiotics, such as tetracycline and its derivatives, doxycycline and minocycline, can cause tooth discoloration when taken before teeth are fully formed. This write-up on tetracycline explains that chemicals like tetracycline bind to calcium ions in mineralizing teeth, which then deposits stains within the enamel.

Once the stained teeth erupt fully, they appear yellow. Prolonged sunlight exposure can even cause these discolorations to turn brown or grey. In addition, tetracycline can also erode the enamel, thus causing tooth decay.

The intensity of staining also depends on the length of treatment and the administered dosage levels. Generally, more exposure leads to a higher degree of staining. This kind of tooth discoloration occurs most commonly in children, but infants in utero are at risk if tetracycline or its derivatives are taken during pregnancy.

Discolorations caused by medication can be harder to treat and might require the input of a professional.

Antihistamines and antihypertensive medications

One common side effect of antihistamines and antihypertensive medications is dry mouth, a condition characterized by limited saliva production. An article on dry mouth explains that having a limited supply of saliva can increase the risk of tooth decay.

This is because one of the functions of the saliva is to cleanse the mouth, and without it, nothing can remove the harmful acids, plaque, and food remnants that end up staying on your teeth.

Proper oral hygiene can help prevent the discoloration caused by dry mouth. Dry mouth causes the mouth to lose its natural cleanser, so it’s important to maintain good oral hygiene. Make a habit of flossing regularly, and make sure to rinse the mouth and brush thoroughly after every meal.

Others Causes of Tooth Discoloration

Dry mouth only increases an already existing vulnerability to decay, which means it’s important to be wary of the other causes of discoloration, such as food and drink. Our previous post about tooth whitening tips explains that drinks with high acidity levels, such as coffee and red wine, can soften enamel, thus making teeth more susceptible to stains.

Foods like tomato sauce, balsamic vinegar, gravy and soy sauce, can also break down enamel.

However, this article on teeth whitening products explains that because the damage is mostly external, discoloration caused by food is easier to treat than discoloration caused by medicines like antibiotics (in which the damage is internal). In these cases, whitening products can help remove stains.

Whitening products usually use hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide to penetrate the enamel, which allows them to get at stains down to the dentin layer.

It’s important to seek alternatives to medicine that cause discoloration to the teeth. Tooth whitening products can cure if the damage has already occurred and cannot be treated with store-bought whitening products, it’s best to seek the insight of a professional.

If you’re looking for a great way to improve your smile and be dazzling whiter then why not book a teeth whitening appointment for one hour with instant results at star whitening. You can also call us on 01702 742 077 to book your treatment in.

Article was specially written for by Annie Conner

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How to Create a Winning Smile by Star Whitening

lady with a winning smiling‘You’ll find life is still worthwhile if you just smile!’ ~ Charlie Chaplin

Ahh the winning smile; a smile that can melt your heart or bring you falling to your knees in love and can even pull an audience into sitting up straighter and listen more closely.

Smiling brings about so much joy and can change someone’s day, a smile and a cheery good morning can brighten anyone’s mood and you’ll never know it may be the only kindness a person can experience in their day.

It was Mother Theresa who famously once said, ‘we shall never know all the good we can do with a simple smile’.

What is a smile?

The dictionary says it is to ‘form one’s features into a pleased, kind, or amused expression, typically with the corners of the mouth turned up and the front teeth exposed’ but more than it’s not just what it is, but what it can do.

Smiling is up there with the biggest stress busters there are, proven to reduce stress and create positivity by stimulating the brain’s reward mechanisms. In fact, not even chocolate can raise as much positivity in our brains and that is saying something! In short smiling makes our brain feel good and radiates a positive energy to those around us.

There is an outdated theory that a smile can make you weak, but how can it really make you weak if you can use it to light up a room, or brighten someone else’s day?

Another ancient smiling theory floating about is that women smile more than men with no explanation attached to this statement we wonder if it is because that in general women spend more time with children whose default is to smile, and women spend a lot of time with each other. What do you think? Please leave your comments below.

It is not documented but either way we believe at Star Whitening that smiling is for everyone!

The Perfect Winning Smile

Conjure up in your mind’s eye the perfect smile and what comes to mind?

Is it the model in a close-up photoshoot for a glossy magazine or your favourite celebrities being interviewed on the red carpet flashing a dazzling white smile displaying perfectly straight white teeth?

Some of the most famous smiles in the media are so infectious, who can help but smile along with Julia Roberts and her wide beaming white smile, or Cameron Diaz, Dwayn Johnson (the Rock)?

One of the most famous smiles worldwide is that of the smile on the Mona Lisa, could this be why the painting is so popular?

Julia Roberts is quoted as saying ‘it isn’t about the smile, it’s about what is behind the smile!’

The smile is reflected in the eyes, it brings a sense of contentment, happiness, confidence, and an ease of being. Quite simply the smile is one of the most important aspects of social behaviour and can give off many messages; the nervous smile, the fake smile, the genuine smile, the smile of pure joy, one of laughter and smiling even through sadness.

The psychological benefit of smiling

Smiling is not something to be ignored as the psychological benefits list is long and full of feel-good with a winning smiling after teeth whitening

  • Smiling boosts mood. This is such a plus. Feeling blue? Then think of a happy memory and pull those corners of your mouth up and smile and you may even boost someone else’s mood too!
  • Stress levels reduced. We have said it before, but the stress levels you may be feeling are guaranteed to be reduced by smiling as the act reminds the brain of a happy memory so when we smile the brain triggers the good stuff!
  • Smiling is contagious. How often are you around a smiling person and you cannot help but mimic their mood?
  • Smiling makes a person more creative. The brain is triggered into positive mode which means creativity is heightened.
  • It is an easy fix! What do we mean by this, well smiling will pull you out of a bad mood, try it when you next feel in the doldrums.
  • Smiling can make you live longer. Makes perfect sense, if it can lower stress levels then it increases happiness, boosting your immune system, lowering your blood pressure and you begin to radiate positivity. The more you smile then the more chance you have of extending your life.
  • The smile instantly makes you more attractive. Look in the mirror and smile … see your eyes light up and you face lift!
    Increases confidence! We saved this for last as so many will know that smiling suggests success and therefore confidence. In turn this will bring connection and draw people to you as you radiate a positive and healthy energy.

Feeling good is all about smiling as it triggers the brain and body connection in the left frontal cortex of our brains, and this is where are happiness is stored! This is even scientifically proven with a study called the FACS – Facial Action Coding System – where your face’s 42 muscles flex and moves are measured.

Your face can make 5000 different expressions and each one has a different effect on the brain to body connection. Smiling uses just 14 of these muscles but has the most positive influence on our emotional state of mind!

So how do you create a winning and healthy smile for yourself?

The basics really are rudimental in how you go about taking care of your oral health, are you giving those pearly whites what they truly deserve?

At the very least brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes is a must, using floss between meals and keeping fresh with mouth wash.

Two trips a year to your dentist to sort out any problems are also a must, and we all know no matter how fearful we may be of our dentist that prevention of disease is better than sorting out the problem once it has hit.

Dentists get such a bad rap with 80%* of Britain’s population terrified of going to see a dentist but let’s face it we use our teeth for a lot of chewing and leave them wide open for attacks from sugar, tea and coffee as well as alcohol consumption, they help shape our faces and without them we would have trouble talking too!

Have you thought about gum health? Our gums are what keep our teeth strong and can easily fall foul of gum disease, but it is good to know it is preventable. Flossing every day helps stop that build-up of plague, see a hygienist for the ultimate clean, and obviously do not smoke.

What goes into our mouths can help our teeth too. Teeth need calcium to keep them strong so calcium rich foods like milk and yoghurts are great. Our teeth also need vitamin C, and we can get this from eating tomatoes, melon, carrots and apples. Simple oral health basics will help you go a long way to perfecting your smile.

We must not neglect our mouths either! Gently brush your lips to exfoliate them with a toothbrush or a lip scrub then use a balm to moisturise them as often as you can remember! Don’t forget to drink water! Rehydrating yourself will plump up those luscious lips instead of a flat dehydrated look!

Family with a winning smile at Star Whitening

Teeth Whitening Trends

Once the basics are all part of your routine you are good to smile away unless you are self-conscious your teeth have discoloured due to age or consumption of too many foods that stain. Then the teeth whitening route could be for you.

This is a hugely popular trend at the moment as it brightens the duller smile and gives the impression that a person has a good deal of self-respect and points to a healthy lifestyle. There are a lot of whitening options to choose from.

  • Whitening gels. These gels rely on a chemical reaction for whitening and can be applied with whitening strips or a tooth tray. Getting a customised tray is more beneficial as they are moulded to your unique set of teeth and will get the best results. Buying a standard tray can result in an uneven finish.
  • Hydrogen & Carbamide Peroxide. Very popular with the younger crowd it is available off the shelf however despite getting a great result these wear off very quickly, so it is worth noting this route of whitening teeth has a very short-term effect. It is also prone to irritate the gums.
  • Whitening toothpaste. A gentle and slow way to take off light stains from your teeth.
  • Fruit. Scientifically this is correct! Strawberries, lemons and banana peel are all meant to help whitened teeth through the natural acids they carry however, these can also cause tooth decay.
  • Oil pulling. Using coconut oil to take off dirt and release trapped food, but this is not a scientifically proven tooth whitening process.
  • Bicarbonate of soda. This has been an addition to oral health for a while but only as a little extra power alongside using fluoride toothpaste.
  • Activated Charcoal. A little like Bicarbonate of soda charcoal has an abrasive effect.
  • Home Light System. This is a method that uses LED or UV lights. Used on their own is not effective, they need to be used with an activating chemical. The lights have a similar effect as the whitening gel.
  • Professional Laser treatment. A stronger, faster, and safer system to the at home system which produce excellent instant results after just one hour. You can book treatment here.
  • Consultation. Whilst there are many at home kits and fixes out there it is best to ask your dentist or a dental professional for recommendations.

lady smiling pointing to teeth

Let’s Perfect that Winning Smile!

Life has a habit of making us ‘weighted down’ and we can often forget to smile as we carry around all the to do lists, worries and work with us. When we are children, we find the joy in almost everything and smiling is a huge part of our day but as an adult we lose that joy, but did you know that smiling can be relearnt?

One famous model that is a go to for smiling tips is Tyra Banks and she also coined the term to ‘smize’ which is to smile with the eyes as well as the mouth to radiate a more genuine smile.

She is right, just using the orbicularis oris (mouth muscles) with give you the social smile but add in the orbicularis oculi (eye muscles) and ta da you have a genuine smile that will light up your face! Tyra is also quoted as saying, ‘A smile is the most important thing you will ever wear!’ We agree!

There is a lot of talk the genuine and fake smiles, but whichever smile is on any persons face the sentiment behind it is always kind even if you are smiling to say hello to someone you don’t know as you are being polite and kind or smiling to say thank you to your dentist – you didn’t want to go but the dentist will have sorted out your teeth for you!

Whatever the cause of the smile you can guarantee the result is that our wellbeing is lifted.

Find a mirror and relax all those facial muscles (there are a whopping 42 of them so rub your cheeks a little to make sure they are relaxed) and your shoulders too. Think of something that brings you joy.

Widen your eyes and raise your eyebrows a little and pulling the corners of your mouth upwards start to smile flashing some teeth to make it more genuine. Practice daily and soon it will come naturally and the more you practice the more you smile without thinking and voila you have perfected a winning smile!

One final thought on smiling, Phyllis Diller, a groundbreaking American comedian and actress once said, ‘a smile is a curve that sets everything straight’ and there is not a truer fact! Smile and the world smiles with you.

We would love to hear your comments so please feel free to have your say below:)

By1st Choice

Why is it important to have a good smile?

How to get a good smile

How to get a good smile and why it’s worth having one

Smiling is contagious; it can really brighten up anyone’s day, and it is the first thing people notice when they meet you and holds a myriad of benefits.

Life is like a mirror, and we get the best out of life when we smile. Smiling is one of the unique aspects of a human beings and the best way to show your mood because a good smile radiates joy, excitement, confidence, health, pleasure and vitality.

Why should you smile?

Smiling is the best way of expressing your mood. It is a way of saying how you feel about someone or certain things. It is a way of expressing that care, love and friendship that others will recognise as something that comes from the heart.

There are many reasons why people smile. There is this saying that smiling makes you live longer because it leads to healthier and happier living. Smiling also reduces stress, makes you relax and improves lifespan. It is the best therapy for depression because giving someone the sweetest smile will ease their problems too.

In fact, it takes 43 muscles to frown and only 17 muscles to smile, so therefore it makes it a lot easier on yourself to keep smiling:)

Smiling also is known to strengthen our immune systems. It is the best therapy for fast healing, among other things. When we smile, it takes less energy on our faces and helps us look younger.How to get a good smile with white straight teeth However, the positive energy we generate far exceeds frowning.

Why is smiling important?

It makes us attractive. People naturally get attracted to us when we smile. Have you ever seen someone who just has a natural smile all the time? There is always an attraction to want to naturally be around that person


There is a physical attraction factor linked to smiling. Smile is a beautiful power with which we use to draw people to ourselves. To have people around and to keep more friends, smiling is essential.

Smiling elevates our mood. No matter how you feel at a particular time, if you put up a smile, there is a significant chance that your mood will change for the better. People can be tricky to help elevate your mood when you smile because the act of smiling activates neural messaging in their brain.
Smiling makes us stay positive. It is hard to get depressed anytime you smile and if something negative comes to mind. It helps us to stay away from worries, depression, and stress.

How to get a good smile

There are many options to get a better smile, but we will be considering just a few procedures for perfect pearly whites.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is the act of using a chemical treatment to lighten the colour of your teeth alongside the use of a laser machine to activate the chemicals. Having whiten teeth encourages ones to smile to look clean, bright and fresh. Treatments can be booked easily online here.

Our teeth can get stained or even darken quite a bit from the types of drink and food we consume, or whether we smoke. But teeth whitening can help brighten a person’s teeth and can be achieved quickly as well as being very affordable.

Many business owners across the UK also recognise that this is a booming market and so offer teeth whitening as a main business or an extension of their existing products and services.

Business owners looking to start up their own teeth whitening business can do so here.


If you are thinking of how to get a better smile, consider veneers. Veneers are used to repair chipped teeth to bring a brighter, better shape and natural appearance to old worn and discoloured teeth.

If you are looking for veneers then please contact us here.


Having braces will help to straighten out crooked teeth, chewing comfort, bites, and basically help line up a person’s jaw. It puts pressure on the teeth in order to straighten and provide a better smile.

What puts quite a lot of people off is the time scale someone needs to have braces in for. This can range up to 2 years, although, once the straightening effect has worked then the results can be really worth it.

Teeth whitening is a great treatment to have once the braces have been removed.

What are the benefits of having an amazing smile?

As we mentioned a nice smile makes an excellent first impression.

It is the first thing people notice about you when they meet you the first time. It is one of the most remembered attributes of someone after a first-time meeting.

You can be seen as a person with low self-esteem, embarrassed about their teeth or even something to hide when you try purposely cover up your teeth. A confident and brighter smile makes a person feel self-confident and more acceptable to look at and in a strange way take more seriously.

It makes people see you as a happy, friendly, intelligent, and a trustworthy person. This is why you need to invest in your smile because it can tell so much about you. For example, if you concentrated on improving your smile then you would find yourself purposefully showing it off.

A brighter smile can boost your confidence

People feel embarrassed and are less confident about themselves when they notice stains and dis-colouration on their teeth. It makes them feel pretty unpleasant and as mentioned reduces their self-esteem. But that is not the case with people with whitened teeth. A whiten teeth bring about a brighter smile that boosts your confidence.

A bright and orthodontically aligned smile has a lifelong and positive effect that dramatically boosts your confidence.

A whiter smile will also keep your teeth healthier.

Whiter teeth improve your dental health and transform the way you care about your smiles. By investing and improving your smile, you will be motivated to also maintain and keep it that way.

By this, you have to stay on top of home care by flossing regularly, brushing, and have hygiene appointments to keep up on any take-home whitening treatment and visit your dentist regularly for check-ups.

Different people smiling

Smiling more for a long time means a healthier life

When you smile more and more it makes you feel great about your teeth. People who smile more frequently live longer and happier lives. Smiling more is linked to reducing stress and anxiety, lower heart rate, strengthening the immune system, and increased endorphins release.

A good smile radiates joy, excitement, confidence, health, and vitality. The way you smile plays a vital role in your happiness and longevity. It reflects your personality and you end up oozing with confidence. A happy mind reflects a cheerful personality which will attract attention.

Smiling positively affects your mood, releases tension, influences health to relieve stress, and helps give you a more fulfilled life.

If you want to live the best in life and stay healthy and confident, then ensure you do all you can to have the best smile!

We would love to hear your comments and what you have to say. Please feel free to have your say and we will publish them below.

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Teeth Whitening Business Training in the UK

teeth whitening training

We sell the latest dental technology teeth whitening treatment.

Enjoy a dazzling white smile to really make a great first impression and be seen with one of your best assets a person is attracted to photos and conversation. This is one of the reasons teeth whitening business training and this particular type of teeth whitening treatment is booming in the UK.

Having a nice white smile shows that a person takes cares of themselves and wants to keep themselves young, attractive and looking their absolute best.

In fact, 32% of Brits want whiter teeth and 66% have actively considered teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening has really become popular in recent years from celebrities to business people and those who are interested in self preservation.

The technology and laser machines available now on the market has become so good its been modernised, simplified and upgraded to suit the average person.

The treatment is no longer hugely expensive as days gone by, but is now considered to be extremely affordable. It’s very easy to book teeth whitening treatment and we help businesses all across the UK generate customer leads in their area as well as Essex, London and Kent.

It’s no longer just for the rich and famous who can really afford to spend lots of money on cosmetic teeth whitening procedures, it’s become so accessible for everyone. This is great news!

Teeth whitening comes in many ways from home kits to dental clinics to beauty salons. There’s lots of opportunities out there in the market, however knowing what works best at a price within budget is key. With our teeth whitening business packages we can help you get started in your area.

Our goal at Star Whitening is to provide the ultimate in customer service with our business package treatments. We offer teeth whitening business training and courses that are really interactive and can be provided remotely as well as in person.

We aim to equip our business package buyers with everything they need to know about teeth whitening.

Which products work? And why…

Best practices to start a teeth whitening business

We’ll help you set up you teeth whitening business

When you enrol on our training course which is open to everyone, we will teach you the tips and skills to successfully offer laser teeth whitening treatments that get results.

Our goal is for you to have highly satisfied clients who will want to leave you a five star review and keep coming back in the future for top up sessions.

Word of mouth is so important and when others see your clients amazing results they’ll want to visit you as well, and tell their friends and family.

The teeth whitening business package and the course will enable you to carry out the treatment from your clinical setting, or become mobile to help your clients from the comfort of their chosen location.

It’s a brilliant add on service as well if you’re offering other non-invasive cosmetic treatments, or you can simply offer the teeth whitening treatment on a stand alone basis.

Our laser teeth whitening treatment is really good for almost everybody who has healthy gums and teeth who must be over the age of 18.

Teeth Whitening Business Training Online

The training will be carried out over a one day course and on a remote learning basis. This means you can come to our main centre in Essex, or you can take the course from the comfort of your own home or chosen location.

On the training day you will have theory and practical training. All angles of the treatments will be discussed with you and indications and contraindications will be discussed and taught until you come to a place where you feel confident to offer the treatment.

business start up package

Check out our teeth whitening business start up package

Theory and practical will both be involved in the training, and the day will be split between the two. On the training course you will learn how to whiten teeth using a non peroxide gel; the non peroxide we use complies with current UK and EU laws.

There is much confusion in the dentistry industry regarding teeth whitening and who is able to carry it out, but we can ensure our training method will help you operate within the legal framework of both the UK and the EU.

We will educate and inform you from a legal perspective on the important matters in the cosmetic non dental teeth whitening industry at present.

The House of Lords and the European Commission both confirm that teeth whitening is a cosmetic treatment and therefore is covered by the EU Cosmetics Directive. So our training is taught in a way which meets the terms of cosmetic teeth whitening framework and you do not fall under the dental teeth whitening legislation.

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Teeth Whitening Business Statistics

UK stats to start a teeth whitening business

1 in 5 adults who started a teeth whitening business have doubled their pre-COVID wage

Here’s one of our latest press releases at Star Whitening with some interesting teeth whitening business stats 2021 and especially if you’re interested in starting up a teeth whitening business.

  • 22% of UK adults who launched or invested in their business from home during the pandemic have been able to go full time with their new business venture – making on average 87% their pre-COVID monthly wage
  • ‘Safe teeth whitening at home’ has seen a +3,450% increase in online searches in the past year, while ‘starting up a teeth whitening business peaked in popularity in January of this year
  • While the top reason for launching a business at home is to make money, half found themselves out of work and looking for something new to try, with 87% citing the pandemic as to why they were out of work
  • Star Whitening, a teeth whitening brand in the UK, have seen an 50% rise in the number of qualified teeth whitening technicians, with dentists and beauty therapists looking to expand their patient income streams.

Due to dramatic boost in watch hours over the last 12 months during lockdown with Reality TV shows and movies, 84% of adults have checked out the celebrities and now look to teeth whitening as a cost-effective way to improve their smile.

The team at analysed onsite traffic and found there was an increase of +70% for teeth whitening enquiries at the start of April as those in England were adjusting to being allowed to mix with another household outdoors and heading towards pubs reopening.

During the past year, the company has also witnessed an 50% increase in the number of qualified teeth whitening technicians as people look to expand their skills and source of income into dentistry.

If you are interested in purchasing a teeth whitening business package in your area then contact Star Whitening today.

Additionally, Google Trends analysis revealed that online searches peaked for teeth whitening between the 21st and 27th March 2021, while ‘safe teeth whitening at home’ has seen a +3,450% increase in searches in the past 12 months.

This analysis also revealed that ‘start a business from home’ peaked in popularity in January 2021, with August 2020 and May 2020 following close behind in terms of online searches within the UK.

Following on from this, the team surveyed 1,050 UK adults who have launched their own business from home during the past 12 months or have taken the plunge to invest and expand their current side hustle.

It was initially found that the top reasons for launching a business from home were found to be:

  • I wanted to make more money – 95%
  • I found myself out of work and unable to find a new job – 51%
  • I decided to make a career out of my hobby – 39%
  • I was looking for something to do with my spare time – 30%
  • To be my own boss – 22%

87% of those who found themselves out of work stated that their job had been directly affected as a result of the ongoing pandemic.

The research also found that beauty therapists (16%), bakers (14%) and those offering personalised gifts (13%) were the most likely to have expanded their products and services throughout the past 12 months, enabling them to reach a wider audience.

When asked, it was found that those with home businesses are making on average 87% more than they were bringing home each month from their previous job.

The team at Star Whitening stated:

“We have seen a 110% increase in the number of people joining Star Whitening over the past 12 months, undertaking the relevant training and courses to be qualified in teeth whitening. They may have never considered this as a business venture before, but there is a definite and expanding market for at home beauty therapy treatments such as this, and the past year has enabled so many people to venture outside of their comfort zones to try something entirely new and exciting.

Although, we are seeing a return to social gatherings the massive increase in being on camera remotely has also boosted a desire for a whiter smile.

“While we work with many people who love the idea of being able to offer a service to their loved ones, friends and client base to help them smile more confident, especially now we’re able to socialise and summer is on the horizon, we also work with a large base of private dental practices looking to offer additional services and generate an extra source of patient income with our proven teeth whitening dental technology.

Total set up costs range from only £1450 and include the application kits (high quality non-peroxide whitening gels for 20 customers), so when each treatment is sold at £99 it doesn’t take long to recover the £1450.

For those interested to know more about Star Whitening and adding teeth whitening to their services, more information can be found by placing your business enquiry here.

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14 Benefits that will blow your mind when it comes to Teeth Whitening

Benefits of teeth whitening

Benefits of professional teeth whitening

Your smile is an essential part of your appearance, especially when it comes to making a great first impression.

A dazzling white smile will give you a boost in confidence and affect how comfortable you feel around people.

You really can’t replace a beautiful stunning white smile. It makes your appearance impressive, leaves you feeling great and sends out the right signals that you take care for yourself, and your oral hygiene.

Having a nice smile also helps the way you look in photos, as well as talking to people at work and going out on dates.

Your teeth condition also determine how nice you look when you smile. Many people know how embarrassing it can be to flash a smile with teeth that aren’t looked after.

To achieve a great smile, you will need to have your teeth whitened, and ideally by a professionally qualified teeth whitening technician. You can book an appointment for this here.

Now, let’s read on for benefits that will blow your mind when it comes to Teeth Whitening.

What are the benefits of teeth whitening?

Attractive Look

Your smile can become a real magnet with professional teeth whitening and certainly pleasing to the people you’re engaging with day to day.

People will be attracted to you because your white smile is a bold and positive statement that you take care of yourself.

A beautiful smile will help attract people to you and can be a real magnet, not just if you’re single but with your partner too.

A white smile encourages people to want to be with you, of course as well as being a nice person.

‘32% of people British people have stated that they would like to get their teeth whitened by a trained professional’ Poll run by Star Whitening.

On a first impression, people will be drawn to the way you look and your appearance. The face is the first-place people will look with eyes, hair and smile becoming top of the list. Secondly, people will be drawn to how your dressed (whether you are matching the environment, or dress code) and then your mannerisms as you are communicating.

A white smile can really help people to like you and want to be with you. It’s a proven fact that patients who already had their teeth whitened make an excellent first impression and does send out a clear message that you look after yourself.

Sometimes in cases where teeth appear dis-jointed then alternative methods of cosmetic dentistry may be required, however whitening your teeth is always a good place to start first.

Mentally more aware

Research has shown that people with healthy white teeth tend to have a clearer mental awareness than those with teeth that aren’t looked after.

The effects of gum disease can also negatively impact mental function and especially self-worth and how you see yourself.

You make think it strange, but if you struggle to think well, teeth whitening and keeping on top of your gum hygiene can help make you more alert.

Enhances your oral health

Your dental health should be closely monitored when you go for professional teeth whitening. This is another reason why the teeth whitening industry is gaining popularity, because other health issue could be highlighted.

The result of teeth whitening can achieve dramatic results, and your Qualified Teeth Whitening Technician will do a thorough oral exam to prevent the development of possibly challenging hidden issues.

The goal of teeth whitening is to remove unwanted exterior stains from the teeth.

Anytime you make an appointment to have stains removed, your teeth become healthier and stronger and will improve your overall dental health.

Raise your self-esteem

As we’ve touched on already, teeth whitening is a great way to improve your self-esteem. People usually go for teeth whitening because they simply don’t like the way their teeth look.

Blow your mind with teeth whitening benefits

Benefits to teeth whitening with Star Whitening

It’s an age-old problem that tooth discolouration, or teeth stains can diminish your self-confidence. This is one of the reasons why people are keen to get their teeth whitened and boost their self-esteem. This can happen when in work meeting, with loved ones, and in everyday social interactions.

Teeth Whitening makes you look younger and attractive

Enjoying white teeth will shift the focus of your face to your smile. Professionally whitened teeth can make an amazing impact and difference to the way people will view you.

Naturally whitened teeth give the appearance of youth and good health.

Teeth whitening can make you even look five, or ten years younger. It’s a cosmetic procedure that is affordable, easy, and pretty quick to achieve dramatic results.

Shining with success

By investing in yourself, you can really set yourself up for success.

It has been proven that those with whitened teeth smile can be more successful as let’s face it people love to see someone who is happy and smiling more.

This can help lead to success in business and other endeavours simply because people enjoy being around you as well as the skills for the tasks you need to demonstrate ha-ha, but you get our point.

Having white teeth also positively helps people to identify with your identity and your emotions.

Very affordable

Teeth whitening can be really affordable. It must also be safe, comfortable and relaxing when undergoing the treatment.

It’s always good to shop around for the best teeth whitening prices, and if you get it right then the ease and affordability of teeth whitening can be a majorly contributing factor as to why teeth whitening is gaining more and more popularity.

Rapid teeth whitening

Everyone wants to know the trick of how to whiten the teeth yourself, however home kits and other home therapies will never be more effective than professional teeth whitening. Please have a read of our news article professional teeth whitening vs home kits which discusses this topic further.

Finding out the tricks to remove yellow stains from the teeth is a universal need with all human beings who want to improve the way they look.

Some people say they are satisfied with their smile, although it’s it is quite obvious in some cases, they are not telling the truth.

The good news is many factors can lead to teeth discolouration, but most people find out the tricks too late. Read our 10 tips on how to keep your teeth white yourself.

Avoid any known stain causes

We all know that lots of red wine and coffee can stain our teeth, however they are not the only culprits that make your teeth look off-cloured.

These food and beverages contribute to extrinsic stains, but the good news is these extrinsic stains can be removed and vastly improved.

If you can’t give up on your daily coffee or glass of wine, ensure you rinse with water within 30 minutes of consumption.

This helps to wash away the offending liquids and also lessen the likelihood of stains that stick.

Consume the right foods

Some foods will naturally brighten the teeth up. These type of foods fight the stains and can improve overall oral health.

Examples of good foods include apples, yogurts, milk, raw onions, chicken, white rice and fish etc.

We talk more about foods in our article on what is teeth whitening.

Take good care of your gums

Gums serve as the foundation for what holds your teeth in place. Suffering from gum disease such as gingivitis can make your smile look unhealthy.

By taking good care of your gums, means you provide a firm foundation fort healthy white teeth.

Ensure you brush and floss two times daily, brush gently, but very thoroughly. Ideally you want to brush your teeth for at least 1 minute to ensure any unwanted bacteria is removed from your teeth and gums.

Followed by an effective mouth wash like Listerine can also help remove bacteria which causes gum disease.

Whiten your teeth with a Qualified Teeth Whitening Professional

It’s good to know someone who knows what they are doing—visiting a teeth whitening clinic will help improve and whiten your teeth properly. The only downside with visiting a qualified professional to whiten your teeth is that it is more expensive than the cheap home kits you can buy online.

Although just one visit can really help you achieve far better results!

‘85% of people would like to have the perfect smile due to the increase in adults and celebrities having professional teeth whitening’ Quote by Star Whitening.

Stop smoking or find an alternative

Apart from the harmful effects of smoking, the tobacco and tar found in nicotine can really stain and discolour the teeth. So, do yourself a favour, light up your teeth instead of a fag. This will also help freshen your breath, heart and lungs as well as your teeth.

Alternatively, if you find it hard to stop smoking pick a replacement like vaping where dark tar stains are not present.

Buy an electric toothbrush

An electric toothbrush can help remove more stains that a stiff toothbrush cannot get to. An electric toothbrush can even help your teeth gain a full shade whiter which improves your gum health within a few weeks as well.


You are likely to be healthier when you feel good about yourself. One way of expressing yourself is by smiling. You can be confident of displaying a good smile if your teeth are pearly white without stains.

Teeth whitening can help you smile more confidently, which in turn help you to live a healthy life and improves your self-image, mental and physical health.

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Top 10 Tips for Keeping Your Teeth White

Top 10 Tips for keeping your teeth white

Top 10 list of tips to help keeping your teeth white

Here we’re going to look at the 10 Top Tips for Keeping Your Teeth White and see how these can help you.

Keeping your teeth nice white ensures confidence and higher self-esteem, especially when it comes to winning someone over with a dazzling smile.

There are many ways you can keep your teeth in minty white condition to ensure that they look great; and what’s more, your oral hygiene will benefit too.

Let’s Look at The 10 Top Tips for Keeping Your Teeth White

We would love to hear your questions and comments below on the 10 Top Tips for Keeping Your Teeth White and what you think of these so please share your comments and experiences you have.

Tip 1 – Be aware of what you drink

Teeth staining drinks

Drinking lots of tea and coffee can stain your teeth

Certain beverages should be avoided in the quest to maintain white teeth. The main offenders are coffee, red wine, cola and tea. The culprit here is tannins, which all of these drinks contain. Tannins can also be found in drinks such as beer, cider, and grape juice.

Drinks with high acidity levels such as coffee also soften tooth enamel, which makes it easier for staining and discolouration to occur.

If you must drink a staining beverage, consider using a straw (non-plastic, eco-friendly preferably).

Frequency is also a big factor here, so if you don’t to give up your favourite tooth discolouring drink, at least attempt moderation instead.

Tip 2 – Be aware of what you eat

Teeth staining foods

Eating curries and other staining foods can dis-colour your teeth over time

Following on from the first tip, some foods, whilst otherwise healthy, can also run the risk of staining and discolouring your teeth.

To be specific; curries and also certain types of sauces such as tomato sauce, balsamic vinegar, gravy and soy sauce.

Given their positive health properties, we wouldn’t advise you give these up, but do try to get into the habit of rinsing your mouth with water and brushing your teeth after consuming berries.

Other foods to watch out for include dark berries such as blueberries, pomegranates, oranges and blackberries.

Tip 3 – Brush and floss every day

Brushing and flossing teeth

Keep your teeth clean by regular brushing and flossing

Maintain regular brushing and flossing habits; at least twice daily.

These can be supplemented by using whitening toothpastes and mouthwashes. Ensuring that plaque doesn’t build up will set you on the path to keeping teeth white and healthy.

Don’t forget to brush your tongue too; this is one a lot of us overlook.

Bacteria can make its way from the tongue to the teeth and discolour the enamel.

After brushing your teeth, it’s better not to rinse as this washes away the beneficial fluoride from the toothpaste which plays a big part in keeping teeth white.

Tip 4 – Keep a new tooth brush

Buy a new tooth brush

Buy a new toothbrush regularly to help clean unwanted stains

Throw away that old toothbrush! It’s no use brushing twice a day if the head of your brush is frayed or worn, and old brushes can simply transfer bacteria to the mouth.

This also applies to electric toothbrushes; the head should be changed every couple of months or so.

A good way to remember to do this is to buy a pack of four at the start of the year, and change your brush with each season.

Bonus tip: electric toothbrushes are more efficient at removing plaque and keeping teeth white, so its worth upgrading to one if you haven’t already.

Tip 5 – Apple a day keeps the doctor away

apple a day keeps the doctor away

An apple a day keeps the dentist away. Is this an old wives tale? or true – comment below

Chewing on a stick of sugar-free gum will help to generate saliva, which washes away debris from food as well as neutralizing the acid responsible for tooth decay.

Certain foods are reputed to help keep teeth clean by generating saliva.

These include strawberries, pineapple, apples, pears, celery, and carrots.

An upside is that these are all fruit and vegetables, so you’ll be contributing to your five a day whilst helping to maintain good dental hygiene and pearly white teeth.

You know what they say ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’.

Tip 6 – Cut out the cigarettes

Smoking stains your teeth

Be aware the tar in smoking can stain your teeth

Stub out the cigarettes! Aside from all the other health hazards smoking entails, tobacco is very detrimental to tooth whiteness.

Yellow stains and discolouration which occur as a result of the nicotine and tar from smoking can be tricky to remove with brushing alone.

Prolonged smoking habits can even result in brown staining of the teeth.

Cut back as much as possible or try to give up completely if you can. Even if it means switching to a vape short term, these don’t carry the same toxins and tar staining as cigarettes.

Tip 7 – Have regular check-ups

Dentist check ups

Take regular dentist check ups and opt for a cleaning hygienist

Make sure you see your dentist for regular check-ups.

This one seems obvious, but it can be easy to let this habit slide when life gets in the way.

Some people also have a degree of anxiety vis a vis visiting the dentist and therefore may put off scheduling in a check up, but it’s the number one way of keeping teeth clean, healthy and white.

Discussing whitening treatment with a professional is also a good idea before you decide to whiten teeth yourself.

Tip 8 – Brush occasionally with Baking Soda

Baking soda for teeth whitening

Occasional brushing with baking soda may help to remove stains

Home remedies such as brushing teeth with baking soda are still widely practised.

It’s important not to overdo this however as erosion of tooth enamel is a possible adverse effect. Limit gentle brushing with baking soda to once or twice a week. This is a classic and is why we featured this in the 10 Top Tips for Keeping Your Teeth White.

Another home remedy is rinsing with warm water and salt – not only does this help whiten teeth, it also helps kill bacteria and promote healthy gums too.

A less well known home remedy for teeth whitening is swilling a tablespoon of coconut oil around your mouth, ideally for around a quarter of an hour.

Tip 9 – Use whitening toothpastes regularly

Whitening tooth paste

Use whitening tooth past regularly

Home whitening treatments are very popular; these include whitening toothpastes, rinses, gel strips and gel trays.

Whitening toothpastes and rinses have added ingredients compared to their regular counterparts such as silica and hydrogen peroxide respectively.

This offers a more abrasive clean for dealing with more persistent and stubborn staining and discolouration.

Gel based treatments use bleach (smaller amounts than a professional dental procedure) to help break down stains. Using home kits for whitening is a good way to help maintain whiteness after having teeth whitened professional at a dental practice.

If your teeth are already stained or discoloured, home whitening may prove less effective than a visit to the dentist for professional whitening treatment.

Tip 10 – Drink plenty of water

Drink plenty of water

Drink regular plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water not only ensures you remain hydrated, it is also very beneficial in washing away food debris after meals.

Try to get into the habit of drinking a glass of water after breakfast, lunch and dinner; your teeth will thank you for it!

If you’re in the habit of drinking dark fruit juices and other staining beverages, try to cut back on these in favour of water instead as you’ll essentially be doubling down on white teeth maintenance habits.

Milk is also a good source of calcium for your teeth!

If you’re looking for a Professional to boost your teeth whiteness to help get your smile going then why not book a teeth whitening appointment with us today.

We trust you enjoyed our 10 Top Tips for Keeping Your Teeth White, so please feel free to comment below;