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Best UK Professional Teeth Whitening Based in Essex

Welcome to Star Whitening one of the UK's best teeth whitening businesses offering you treatment that works! Our passion is to enlighten your teeth, provide you with a dazzling celebrity white smile and give you a boost in confidence when meeting people. We provide professional teeth whitening services and teeth whitening business packages. Based in Essex, we offer the latest dental laser machines, training courses and treatments across the whole of the UK.

Customers whiten their teeth for a variety of reasons such as special occasions like going to wedding, job interview, party or simply just want to feel more confident in social gatherings.

Our Professional Mobile Teeth Whitening treatments are only one hour with instant results and help both Ladies and Gents. We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction as top priority for all our treatments and they are completely 100% safe with no pain or side effects.

You can book your teeth whitening appoint with us, or buy a gift coupon voucher for a loved one.

Based in Southend, Essex we help customers whiten their teeth across Essex, London and the rest of the UK through our listed businesses. We also help people set up and buy their own business start-up package in their area with locations all across the UK. When you search for teeth whitening near me, then our UK network of whitening clinics will be able to help you find the right treatment.

We offer of the best teeth whitening treatment and include CE approved non-peroxide whitening gels. We use the latest dental laser teeth whitening machine as part of the treatment to help you achieve a brighter smile. Our mobile teeth whitening service is second to none, so if you want to book a session from the comfort of your own home.

Simply, complete our online booking form and enter your area so we can check mobile availability in your area. For our teeth whitening business start-ups we offer a full package including the laser machine, a course, qualification, unrivalled 24/7 support and new customers in your area to help you get started.

When it comes to teeth whitening costs especially compared to local dentist prices, we are convinced that we offer unrivalled value for teeth whitening results! Book your one hour treatment today!

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Treatment Packages

Although, for most people one treatment is enough you may want to take advantage of our treatment packages.

Gift Vouchers

Why not treat or gift someone you love with a present to brighten up their smile, and enjoy a Star Whitening Gift Voucher.

CE Approved

We use the latest dental laser technology and high quality teeth whitening gels which are CE approved and 100% safe.

Smile Gallery

You can view the results other clients have achieved by visiting our smile gallery. Building trust and confidence.

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We provide complete set up packages across the UK, so you can start up Star Whitening in your area. Call 01702 742 077.

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Who is ideal for Teeth Whitening?

Many people have purchased teeth whitening kits online and not had the desired effect they were hoping for.

This is because the staining of the teeth can be quite deep and different for everyone. There are two main types of teeth staining. The first type is 'extrinsic teeth stains'.

These stains are caused by lifestyle and infiltrate the outer surface of the tooth known as 'the enamel'.

Depending on what food and drink is consumed over time will define the level of staining. Drink such as tea, coffee, red wine and orange juice have known ingredients to stain the teeth.

This is the same for foods such as curries, oranges, Bolognese sauces etc. Smoking can also stain the teeth. The second type of staining is 'intrinsic teeth stains'.

These are caused by the teeth darkening or going yellow from the inside and can't easily be removed by traditional home teeth whitening kits which use gum shields and gels.

The difference is we provide professional dental laser technology along with high quality teeth whitening gels which can help both types of clients.

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Smile Gallery

Have a look at some of our clients and what results they achieved on their first teeth whitening session with us. We would look to achieve 4-5 shades whiter for our clients on their first treatment session then it's up to the client how much whiter they want to go